asw... 880 people total.... weeaakk

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  1. Here you are implying I haven't read or understood or like the concept of a road map.

    Here I explain this was not the case.

    And this is your me saying I did in fact read it but you are telling me you said it...which I already established lol.
  2. Actually, plenty does.

    I do not have the list of the top 10k players. And neither do I have access to the possible dates of ASW.

    So nope, I can't start a poll because I do not have access to all the necessary information to make it successful.

    This is what the devs are for. There was low participation this ASW. Let's hope it is different the next time around and they allow players to actually get ready for it.

  3. On my war idea thread i've requested from the devs to give us a roadmap so we all can plan ahead for large war events.
  4. It just makes sense to have more notice. In case you want to change your build a bit or keep the weekend free etc. Especially if they're asking for 18hours of KaW from 200-400 players.

    The lack of notice sounds like they actually just threw it together at the last minute because that's what was expected of them every year.

    Lack of planning has never gotten the devs anywhere before. I think one months notice is reasonable. It even gives players a final chance to push for 10k and try to make it.
  5. This is all true
    I doubt it was thrown together though.
    I suspected ASW was soon.

    Idk about ppl who eb only though.
    There's more ways to grow/prep for next year.

    If they don't war already for EE or other means of faster growth now no amount of notice would matter. 1 year from now we will see how many more ppl r top 10k and ready to enter ASW 7.
  6. Why can't lack of active accts be possible?
  7. I suspected ASW would be coming around soon also. However that doesn't mean I or anyone else can keep every weekend free for months just in case.

    Perhaps the announcement that ASW is coming would even increase war participation by players wanting to get ready.

    Who knows. Maybe next year will be different.

    That is very possible Glock and I'm sure it did contribute, another reason to work on new player retention. However that's not to stay lack of notice still wasn't a contributor.
  8. True and every reason i and many others repeatedly ask for a roadmap.
  9. A full ASW with 720 more warriors x 6 xtals is a potential 4320 xtals lost.
  10. 880 participants? That 780 too much. An all star war should be a war between Top100 max. And that top 100 to be the best 100 players in ee wars. I fail to see how someone ranked 9999 can be called an "all star".
  11. lol  ...I'm an "all star"
  12. Imo wars should've been 48hr wars like they use to be, then watch all the ppl whine n cry.
  13. Lol

  14. Prestige = the ability to game for 6 hours straight on a weekend?

    Sorry guys, you have a family you actually spend time with, you're not 'good enough' for us.

    Yeah, I can see how free time and ability/skill are related...
  15. Agree on the very short notice, but I adjusted. Wish I had had more time to go for the build I would like to have gone in with.
    This was nonetheless still a fun exp, as I have done every year since ASW 3.
    Yes, ASW4 was my Gold year, and win or lose, this is an adrenaline rush.
  16. I cast and didn't even get placed lol.
  17. Were you still in a clan bob? I know you have ee experience so I doubt that's the reason but you never know :lol: Maybe someone could look into this for you from within the support or dev team as it's a shame to see people lose out through no fault of their own.
  18. This year was a compete fail unranked players and under 900 people I think most of them slept through it lol maybe next year devs make it attractive for people to sign up??? NO XSTALS BACK! NO SILVER BARS! Nothing hope Kaw lasts till next summer huh
  19. I didn't even know the asw was back until I got the pop up notification thing from logging in the final day to sign up. I blame the devs
  20. I agree with this, however at the same time it really isn't a surprise when ASW is held (tbh I thought it was in Sept) so most should know when it'll be happening, I could be wrong however.

    Another way they could have promoted ASW would have been to use their system to pm the top 10k that asw is coming and they should sign up soon if they wish.