ASW 2020

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  1. ASW 2020


    The time has come for the 2020 All Star War!!!


    • Date: October 6th-8th
    • Time: 10 AM - 1PM each day PST
    • Initial Sign-Up: Starts at *12:00 PM PST on October 5th (players have ~23 hours to sign up) *updated
    • War Length: 3 hours
    • War Type: Kingdom, Allies, and Charms - DTW/DTS ON
    • Crystals usable: 3
    • # of teams: 8
    • Max clan size: 150
    • Total max player size: 1200
    • Minimum Player Rank: 10,000


    • Only 1 account per player
    • Players cannot be inactive for any of the wars
    • Players cannot leak
    • Players cannot mole
    • Players cannot leave their war clan until their clan loses or the tournament is over. We will manually disband the clans. Any EBs that have been started will be forfeited as a result when they are disbanded

    Rewards (for the winners)

    • 1500 Silver Bars
    • 25 Health Crystals
    • 150 Fatesands Tokens
    • The Courage of Rosabranta (throne)
    • The Victory of Rosabranta (throne)
    • Rosabranta's Trainee's Shield
    • Rosabranta's Acolyte's Shield
    • Rosabranta's Soldier's Shield
    • Rosabranta's Knight's Shield
    • Rosabranta's Faithful's Shield
    • Rosabranta's Champion's Plate
    • Rosabranta's General's Guard
    • Rosabranta's Conqueror's Aegis
    • Achievement: 2020 All-Star Champion
    • 🌟Star Emoji around your name 🌟*updated
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Players who do not win will still receive rewards, but will get fewer rewards.

    ***NOTE*** The rewards will be given out on Tuesday October 13th, which will allow customer support time to remove any players who have broken the rules or abused the system.

    (Anticipated) FAQ

    • Why is the ASW during the week instead of on the weekend? / Why is the war time the same every day?
      • From past experience, wars are fragile and are easily broken. By holding them during the workweek and during the workday, the ASW will have the maximum amount of support possible from all teams working on KAW, instead of a skeleton crew taking time out of their weekend. This will help ensure the ASW will run smoothly as this is an important event for KAW and will allow us to provide the best experience possible.
    • What is counted in charms?
      • Achievements, furniture, equipment, and charms
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  2. Will be fun
  3. No ASW stars? πŸ˜•πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬
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  4. Rewards might need a rework. 3 hours each way and only charms ? 😞
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  5. i want a banner πŸ₯Ί
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  6. The rewards are a little lack luster
  7. No asw banner or furns? πŸ™
  8. There's a throne and banner they gave images of, wasn't sure what the rest was but I guess it's eq most likely
  9. Could be wrong about that though πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  10. Hmmmm KA charms and furn are you sure? this lesson has already been learnt which is why the seasonal wars were all KA because of people exploiting furn/charms for advantage.

    ASW should be KA only build and bfa is fair to all.
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  11. This is not a Seasonal War, Please Leave the Stars for ASW Champions, Also a Nice Champ Ring would do Nice... similar to the Tyr Ring
  12. Shark mouth throne? Yes please 😏
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  13. Don't forget to put x10 admins at least in each clan for the winners to run eb between rounds... lessons learned
  14. Please make a banner and stars for the name, listen to the community
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  15. Agree with above stars for the All Star winners everyone relates to this well known accolade it’s a part of kaw already that needs to stay to signify THE BIG ONE!
  16. Just to expand upon this for Devs benefit.. in the final a very large charms account that was significant back then did a no show turned up last 15 mins when it was all over.. it was later proved that they took a bribe (charms) not to show up.. shame on them they know who they are... now let's fast forward to today and look at wease prisma for example... if an account similar to this did a no show now, it would swing the war ergo....

    this is why it's better to be a KA only war.
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  17. The real prize is winning.
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  18. Smack dead in the middle of the week and during work man forget even trying war anymore devs are a joke bunch of ignorant ass idiots taking our money and laughing at our tears
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  19. How can the Devs NEVER remember the EXACT SAME complaints EVERY Year?

    IF you are going to run a tournament during the week; players NEED 3 weeks notice to allow for vacation requests to be approved.

    As always, the wars will be FULL of partially active players leaking. Winner will be determined by biggest player who gets caught inactive by their opponent.