ASW 2018 Winners!

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  1. By the way congrats cyan, i only hate kk for moling in asw/ any wars in the nothing against u all, cheers.. moving on
  2. Well ! really hard to buy that excuse , hiding your own misfortune !
    I just have 2 hands and a well paid job, I don’t think I have enough time to even stay online hours at night just to share some real dirt with people to earn charms 

    I was wc in magenta until valk took over, and I don’t think it is physically practical for anyone to wc in a asw clan and simultaneously play alts as ur trying to blame me for!

    Moreover this doesn’t change the truth how you accumulated 2700 charms overnight , and guess what , I don’t need to google , cos google doesn’t have the screen shots of your chats with people, where u sweet talked your sugar daddies to give you those charms for some real foolishness of yours , anyway incase that’s not true, then the devs actually need to look at your history , cos it’s really hard to get 2700 charms from events 
  3. It’s truly said

    History repeats itself

    It’s the same story repeated, while you try to expose the real mole, there comes a group of buttering lickers who kick you from every group and later prove you as a mole instead..

    This is exactly what happened then and exactly same happening now

    While I exposed bachkeda of actually moling against silver, there u came to save his A..

    Good job !
    One suggestion for u : get back in touch with all ur sugar daddies and ask which one forwarded me the SS 
  4. 2700 charms overnight? That seems impossible it just showing how u making stories, just admit u spread alts in asw to mole. Ss or bs, in my accounts i collected it , and trade, how bout giving u incs and see where my alts charms go, maybe u will shock, because they dont have charms anymore. Stop making humours and admit u mole.exactly u are in magenta, u are in pink and cyan too.u actually out of topic , its just show u cannot defend yourself because u are truly a mole not only in asw but also in lowland wars
  5. I never got kicked because of moling ,everyone knows i never cheat in wars, i have dignity in war fair and square. Nice try mole and stop harassing me in pm, or u will be doom

  6. Ahh , I can understand, it’s really hard to understand English sometimes ... it’s ok

    And btw I haven’t sent u a single message on your PM, else prove it with a ss or send it to devs. so don’t start on with this new girly tantrum, and try gain sympathy...
  7. Oh how bout blackmailing me on 3rd app duh
  8. And by the way this is getting far here, i dont want to waste time talking to a person like u, but ss or bs :) im still waiting, ~~ciao
  9. Ahh I guess it’s English again,
    You just said PM earlier

    Anyway enjoy life... I wish to see 4700 charms on u soon and with the pace your going, it will be real soon..

    Good luck !!
    Happy kawing... and happy trading !
  10. Of course i wont stop to grow my charms :) im so active in trading, maybe u should learn buy and sell ,and have profits :)
  11. The issue shouldn’t be whether or not someone managed to amass a huge amount of charms, but rather leaks, moles and outright cheating by having accounts in multiple clans throughout the ASW’s. The charms fiasco in and of itself is ridiculous because charms determined stats here. Many players wanted base stats so those that cheat and gain hundreds of charms wouldn’t have the chance to. There are many issues with this years ASW’s and it appears the devs are sweeping all of this under the rug. Cyan should not have had the stat bonus in the beginning, players shouldn’t have been able to have alts in rivaling clans, and charms should have never been counted as stats here.
  12. I don't see how charm farming is learning how to buy and sell
  13. So all have charms is farm charming, cant buy?
  14. Thanks for your support kind sir/mam
  15. We don’t need new mods stop trying to suck up to people and do this pathetic crap
  16. Thankyou for your support
  17. There is no mole on final war. We lost because they had a better top and better players. Our two big gun didn’t do much. Most their side perform really will. Caff and imp didn’t perform what we hope for. Our top plunderer is Warjax and third is 1 mill CS. That’s how much we perform. We lost fair and square why have to find blame. You know if we won they will blame caff that he open his alt. Caff have no alt on other side. Tangra names similar but they are not one person. I don’t know why they making the same name with codes. It’s not really helping them. It’s just making them looking more guilty on something. Anyway forget looking for blame. Cyan won fair and square on final. Just be happy our pink team was fun and no drama. KK didn’t mole he have nothing to gain on moling. Both side no use of moling. Both side have great WC. The issue is members performance. My performance sucks also. Angel smashed me with my 2 xtal.

  18. How u know u didnt even know , u are not even in discord room while we talk strat there, kk is there at the same he is at cyan, im not blaming im just stating the fact that he mole, i know there is nothing we can do, atleast people aware
  19. U did great m8...just a pity some of ur top on me, dey’ve made a lot fail and i also pay crapy for dem, dey shud be eat our mid-top

    It was a tough war and great war....️MUCH RESPECT FOR PINK PROTECTORS️

  20. And im done so stop replying me