ASW 2018 - Guess the Winners!

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  1. Hello dear KaWmunity, and welcome to this thread!

    Finally, the time has come for the All Stars Wars 2018 (read more about that in this thread)! This year I thought we could have a fun little competition where you can try to guess the (one of the) winner(s) of each of the three rounds, you may even win a prize! :D

    The rules and the prizes will be explained and shown below.

    Throughout the whole All Stars Wars weekend you will have a total of 3 guesses, one for each round. Each guess has to be made before the respective round starts (except for the Preliminaries). Any guesses made outside of that time period will not be counted. These are the times that you can guess on the team you think will win that round:

    Preliminaries: August 31st, 02:00 PM - August 31st, 06:00 PM (PDT)
    Semifinals: August 31st, 09:00 PM - September 1st, 10:00 AM (PDT)
    Finals: September 1st, 04:00 PM - September 2nd, 06:00 AM (PDT)

    You may only guess on one team each round. Out of those who made a correct guess, 5 players will be randomly chosen and given a prize in each round.

    Edited posts will not be counted. There's only one guess each round per player (guesses made by alts will not count).

    If you've any questions or anything seemed unclear, please let me know! :)

    Now, let's move on to the prizes...

    Have fun, enjoy, and best of luck to all the guessers! ;)

    As the results from the wars come in, and the players that made a correct guess have been randomly chosen, the winners of this competition will be shown here.

    mellow, -EightySix-, IlillIlIMISIlIlIilI, _Shadow-fighter_, -SS-Thrawn-SS-

    Family, ItzKingo, llClHlHlOlTlAlBlHlElElMll, Z3UX, Arizona

    Celsparta, --eL3ctric-Purpl3--, WahUstad, MightyEmpire, VINoOoPAN_____oOiio

    Congratulations to the winners! :)

  2. I think an alt will win. :)
  3. 1st winner: ATA.

    Oops. Spoiler alert?
  4. Touché. :lol:
  5. The stronger will win under my Sword while I hold a cup of Tea and eat my Tuna Subway... Of course w/ Miss vickies Jalapeno chips.. Enjoy
  6. I vote Brutal Golden
  7. I think __BRUTAL_ANNIHILATOR__ will win
  8. I vote Brutal Golden
  10. Great thread. Best of luck to all that participate. Free stuff.
  11. The Devs, other than that? Nobody wins. Enjoy your bot fest and action scripts marathon - here's to looking at You Veritas, but others too.
  12. Brutal Golden Annihilator will win
  13. Pink Protectors

  14. You may now start guessing one of the teams you think will win the Preliminaries of the ASW this year!

    Remember, that it's only only 1 guess per person. And you can only make a guess for the Preliminaries between 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM, August 31st (PDT), meaning you've 4 hours from now on. Any guesses made outside of that timeframe will not be counted!

    The teams you can guess on are...

    - Magenta Mangooses -
    V.S. - Cobalt Cobras -

    - Silver Sharks -
    V.S. - Purple Piranhas -

    - Pink Protectors -
    V.S. - Green Generals -

    - Cyan Lions -
    V.S. - Gold Gallants -

    Best of luck, to both guessers and warriors! :D

  15. Golden brutal anniahlator's team is going all the way!!
  16. 1st Round: Purple Piranhas