ASW 2017

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  1. When u guys think its gonna be?

    How many LB nubs do you think will do it?

    Who do u think will get rekt the most.

    leggo cus iz finally top 10k.

    also, much effort in making dis thread
  2. I remember back in the day when I thought the overall 10k meant something too

  3. who said it meant anything. The only thing it means is dat I can do the ASW finally.
  4. I've only just got in top 10k too, first time in 6 years 
  5. The overall lb is strange Grat's I'll see you there.

    Hurry up devs
  6. Touché
  7. It's going to be... when it starts

    Many noobs will join in hopes of being carried

    Including me :)

    I'll get wrecked the most so I'm preparing my regional area
  8. ASW is the same exact time every year don't know why people expect it to be any different lol

  9. wanna share that time? lul
  10. Apparently about 2 weeks time according to when I got the 2016 achievement. After this event? We'll see.
  11. how many mcs to get to top 10k?
  12. Damn Im not going to crack 10k
  13. Neither will eye, even though I'm in the top 2500 ally lb
  14. Yeah I'm too 3k feelsbadman
  15. lol top 2500 with that much aliies, nice jokes
  16. Don't need much to get to there js
  17. Jokes on you alt
  18. Asw tends to be around July/August and going off the date from last year right after this event would be a good estimate but then again I'm purely speculating.
  19. Top 10k overall kingdoms can enter.
    1600 total selected for 8 clans of 200.
    3 rounds of war maximum to win it all.
    Once a year fun experience...
  20. I look forward to getting another participation award :/