ASW 2016

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  1. Last years Asw was a blast. But id like to see devs put a twist into the next Asw and add dam rewards other than these sparkly useless stars.

    These are just some additions/formats for war i think dev should implement for Asw 2016.

    Signups will be available to top 10k overall again- this makes sure not a crazy amount of people sign up.

    Classic ko wars 15min ko. If i recall right, these were the first ko timings in the beginning of EE wars. And id like to see them return.

    Each team of 200 ( slighlty more/less depending on sign up ). Each team will go against another with almost identical format to that of last year (semi/finals etc).

    However the first round will be 2hr 6xtal, next 3hr 6xtal, up to last which will be 6hr 6xtal.

    I think having 6 xtals to use in different amounts of time means that each round will have to be differently played out to win. Instead of the same old strat being used in each round.

    For rewards: i think something unique needs to be a reward for a better incentive for Asw. Like a scroll for example you can use at the mage on any piece of equip which increases its stats by 5% in each area (excluding % eq ofc).

    Just my opinion on Asw. Share your thoughts
  2. Gimme 24 hour wars. Not this 2-6 hour crap.
  3. Push posh. 48 hour wars is where it's at
  4. This isn't an All Star War... I don't even know anyone on the list.
  5. Can I do it
  6. Yeah if you can't war for 48 hours without sleeping you don't deserve to even Kaw.. That's what made this game great.. 48 glorious hours of fighting from pin..

    Now that's KaW
  7. You must not have a job. At least not a full time job.
  8. Nah, only need 7-12 minute naps. She'll be right

  9. Your mom is a full time job I tell you what.. But seriously.. There's something called a weekend, you should check it out
  10. How about weeklong wars with 84xtals max?
  11. Cool, got myself a new farm. Thank you.
  12. ASW = All Spenders War

    Stupid noob event. Who even cares.
  13. This kid has a five your badge and not even one All-Star war badge... youre absolute noob.

    Why do you even play? Joke LOL :lol:
  14. Top 10k fairly easy to get in with no spending.

    They seem to be giving away a xtal every week now add that on to events you would have more than enough crystals if you saved them to participate in asw.
  15. Statless alt.
    Not even worthy of a response.
  16. Well good for you
  17. doesnt this count as a response? :?
  18. support