ASW 18: ATA's latest Disaster!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Venom, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. I think everyone in that clan should get the top teir rewards as well as everyone elses gold! And a coupon for a free pizza!!

  2. Long story short; you’re doing nothing about it 
  3. Yep, like Winston said, just let it play out from here. They don’t care that players who spent time, money and effort into this once a year event were jackhammered into a faulty spot. Nice work.
  4. lol it’s just so pathetic ...ATA hands down most dysfunctional game developers & KAW one of the most dysfunctional game/apps period. Seriously I play lot of MMOs you never see this type of thing anywhere but here.
  5. It would appear they didn’t spot those with alts in clans. So sad to lose because ATA didn’t organise well this year. I love a fair war
  6. I said alts would win and it wasn’t fair to players without alts because alts clog up LB’s. I was correct. Way to go in jacking your player base from their experience, Devs. 
  7. Devs were baised towards cyan so gave them the bonus in first war
  8. That's happens in every multiple user cast event, peeps that lack the skill use alts to gain rigged wins an actually talk big an bad cough*apoc
  9. They bave
  10. They would have to check an they dont, i told grant to check user interactions to show who aggressively inacting with who with fails from alts going beyond the scope of fair game play so to flex his computer geek muscles he banned the alt i made the ticket from gave several accts the same perm silence out of sync of legitimate silences an nothing never hsppened with it like nothing will hsppen with this i bet tickets was made on the clan bonuses before the wars from business stand point they was right on jus letting it play there allowed to over look whats right an from time to time its the game
  11. Our bonus is not different than other clans. Look at the Achievements. It may say something different. But every eb possible has been completed on both sides.
  12. If ach keeps his accounts will for sure win...his biggest alt is in there....and u know, bigger gets the best
  13. Savagepug y'all started with that bonus
  14. It’s all sorts of unfair in this years ASW’s.
  15. They started with a bonus in error yes however it was roughly 11% in each stat, not the 34/35/35/35 each semi finalist clan got.

    Anyway this is just going in circles now and therefore I'm going to lock.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.