Assassins wanted

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by *Assassin112345 (01), Nov 28, 2009.

  1. How do you line my pocket?
  2. Anyone need me to spy on anyone pm my wall
  3. Just call me your hitman 
  4. I'm no clan post on my wall if I can join
  5. I'm in

    clan=wulf pack
  6. I want to apply
  7. Who should I hit first
  8. If anyone needs me to hit message my wall
  9. I dont think some of these are ready for the job
  10. Why did you have to revive this thread?!?!
  11. Sure
    But ill be a free lancer
  12. Assassin i'm in..
    Mystic_Assasssin Legions of Rome

    call on me anytime buddy
  13. I'm in
    Kaw warfare is my clan
  14. though I remain neutral, this thread has my support.

    Innovative and making the game more fun (to everyone except the mark)
  15. Ranger5th_Brigade at your service

    Clan:Inevitable Aftermath