Assassins wanted

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  1. Hey I'm a low level but would really like to be an assassin. Could I maybe be an affiliate and just help with lower leveled people? I say affiliate cause I'm a 
  2. I am in!
    I am in HellsAngels!
  3. I'm new but I'll give it a try
  4. Saying for jolow99 my other acc 11700 spy attk and df
    clan = destroyers
  5. please let this thread die new thread created 
  6. I would like to offer my services, contact Khada for low rank targets.
  7. I'm avaliable for contracts 11.7k. Spy attk upgrading soon
  8. Im available. Can some 1 plz buy my ally. I need the spy upgrade
  9. Ehhh il do it clan: IG i better get gd pay
  10. I only have like 3k spy attack but I'm all spy and I guess I can take down low level kingdoms
  11. I'll help but I'm in the IA
  12. I'm available for help. 35,100 spy attack and defense. Representative of Modern Republic.
  13. I'm in contact me on mybwall when you need me
  14. Come on when is this gunna happen
  15. Please let this thread die