Assassins wanted

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  1. i know who to go to if i need someone down....
  2. see assassins guild page for member list
  3. Im already in assassins
    Do successful hits include failed hits but u eventually deplete his spys / troops
  4. I'd think as long as they're pinned, the client would be happy.
  5. For some1 like me to spy some1 on tha lb i wud need a group
  6. Well, I believe I read you are given contracts based on your strength... So if you can't take on an lb'er, you won't be asked too.
  7. Yea but assassin or some1 said that there will sometimes be groups for very big contracts
    Chrious r u in assassins or r u just postin here for a chat
  8. If u only have low stats you will only be given low contracts we have people to take on the lbs so you won't have to worry. The whole point of spy bombing is to deplete the targets troops it doesn't matter if the hits are successful but you will be given targets that u will be able to hit were asking u to atk and dominate not go on a suicide mission or that will defeat the objective.
  9. I'm not in assassins, just really interested in your services... Just waiting for someone to try and farm me 
  10. Assassins will only be sent in teams on extreme cases and will be reflected in the price if the contractor wants someone sat on constantly for a long period were not gonna ask u to sit there for hrs if u have things to do in life therefore two willl be sent so 1 can take over after u have left or someone to deplete troops while u sit on if the need arises. But I suspect that during the case of war we could be used as spy attacks to drop lbs troops so people can sit on them to gain easy wins. We could technically then become extremely pivitol in the outcome of a war result. Only time will tell
  11. So basically if we do our job well and what ever side were on will decide the war outcome
  12. Not garunteeing that will be the outcome but if we were used then yes. During the foxes vs ig war the outcome was based on successful wins per hr. The majority of the wins were due to spy builds and smaller players first taking out troops and spies then larger players coming in to hit hard for easy wins.

    If a team was to use assassins first to weaken opponents it would leave more players per side at full strength to take easy wins
  13. Don't 4get 2 use me for smaller attacks I have 21000 spy troops idk wat my attack is ATM but it's around 15-20k
  14. I would like to sign up as an outside contractor
  15. Clan: WiG
    would like to join the assassins guild
  16. I'm in IA but i'll help out, could use a volley
  17. I'll join I'm in IA and how many times should we attack them on a normal run? Like 5?
  18. I'm in

  19. I will help you
  20. Ready 2 kill