Assassins wanted

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  1. By placing your name here you areacknowledging that you are able and willing to attack people on behalf of the assassins guild, for doing so youwillbe paid via allies.
    Contracts run for three hours and check ups will be made by other assassins to make sure your doing your job well.
    Please put name and clan if in one down and you will be contacted as soon as a contract thst is inyour abilities range arrives.
    Thank you for allowing us to line your pockets with gold.
    Please remember youare not to deviate from target.
    When you have made a succesful run of hits please leave a message along the lines of. Contracted out by assassins guild on behalf of .... And then the employers name.
  2. Do we need to be in ur assasin clan O_O
  3. I can help  bored anyway..
  4. So I should assassinate units for..youor others?

    And what will I be rewarded with?
  5. Your an outside contractor and no need to join up, you will be affiliated.
  6. Any list where Names can be written down? :)
  7. I'm in
    Clan=Dark Angels
  8. JK I'm clanless
  9. Im in. Clan: I.A..
  10. I will do it Contact me so i can get the targets. How do i get paid
  11. Kyle leader of midnight clan I'll be an assasin
  12. @assassin - just to confirm  Also let me confirm as well that i like making 
  13. If the money is right! 
  14. I'm in
    clan patriots
  15. I'll hit any target
    Dark Angels
  16. As long as it's not a clanmate I got your back bud
  17. im in unless i gotta change my name
  18. make a list of members.
  19. Don't see this as a member thing! One job then payment! Bring bought 2or 3 times maybe