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  1. I still play KaW becuase I really like smacking EBs and helping people with the game!!

    What is your favourite thing to do outside of KaW?
  2. Gym or cinema

    Would u rather be a dev or lcbc (u can't give ur self unlimited gold if u pick dev)
  3. My favourite thing outside of kaw is to think of why I'm not playing kaw. I sit in the park alone, just thinking why the hell ain't I playing kaw. Days can go past and I just sit there.....

    What kind of question would a question want me to ask?
  4. What rhymes with ambulance?

    Is England winning the six nations with a game too spare the start of something new the Southern Hemisphere need too worry about. Or more a function of the rfu's massive budget and all the other teams suffering from under performing, transition periods, complacency?
  5. maybe not sure

    Who would win in the playoffs

    East Miami /Cleveland or Toronto
    West. Golden state or spurs/ thunder

  6. Have absolutely no idea what you're going on about sorry.

    Have you ever been to Russia?
  7. No, but one day.

    How much licks does it taked to reach US from Canada ?
  8. Same amount it takes to get back

    Who first discovered gravity?
  9. Newton
    What is the power house of the cell?
  10. Mitochondria

    What would you consider the 8th wonder of the world?
  11. Morgan Freeman's voice

    Can you do a barrel roll?
  12. Don't know what a barrel roll is.

  13. Lots.

    what does is Jebus's second name?
  14. Morgan

    I'm surprised this has lasted this long, are u?
  15. Lol

    If u walk 10mile north 10 mile west 10 mile south 20 mile east where are u in relation to ur starting position?
  16. 32°c
    Boo boo boo booo boooooo?
  17. boo bo booo.

    Why is your name so ugly
  18. Oh please your jealous aren't ya haha
    My name is sexy btw

    how much over the years have you spent on kaw
  19. $1000-1500 or so all up but none on this account or any other since early 2015.

    What does the term photosynthesis relate to?
  20. Trees

    Why o_O____Frog_____o_O doesn't croak?