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  1. saw it on App Store

    What age did you lose your v card and how
  2. Like 9th or 10th grade, one time hook up with a chick in the backseat of her car

    What color does a smurf turn if you choke it?
  3. Blue.

    Whats your favourite colour?
  4. Blue

    Greatest discovery of last century?
  5. Butt plug vibrator

    But what if Teletubbies was not kill?
  6. Then Barney not live

    Should I go with bo3 or the division
  7. Bo3

    Does battlefield 4 suck?
  8. Not sure don't by play.

    Who is the hottest girl in kaw?
  9. No one. They're all catfish ;)

    Am I 75% correct?
  10. The maths is complex so not sure

    Which gif would you wake up to everyday?


  11. The second one

    Why did Jeffrey cross the Atlantic Ocean?
  12. To get away from Isis

    how often do you jack your wee
  13. would you fight for the blacks or the whites
  14. This is a repeat of another thread
  15. Look up GuNnYLepine and he was the one that started this game
  16. What's 9+10?
  17. 19 lol

    What was the first question asked ?
  18. Why am I not on the lb? was the first Q

    And the answer is not 19...
  19. Thanks for the question Charlie....

    What is love?
  20. Shrek

    What's the worst movie ever made.