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  1. Because ! was busy

    Citizen of the United States, US citizen, Non resident alien, American national, or state citizen
  2. Citizen of US :)

    Tacos of Barbacoa or Tacos with groundmeat?
  3. Either

    You gonna do asw?
  4. Nope

    Why is HTC the best?
  5. Because CTH don't call in the morning

    When it rains it pours?
  6. ¿pours it rains it when

    Why am I lonely?

  7. You lack social skills

    ...why is Kasama a whiny little dipwad?
  8. Idk Kasama that well to answer.

    Cake or pie?
  9. Pie. Lemon cream is really yummy.

    In the trolley scenario, do you let the trolley run over the 3 people, or do you pull the lever and have it run over 1 person instead?
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  10. Let it run over whoever it was gonna run over, I’d rather watch 3 people die by me doing nothing than 1 person dying by my hand

    do you believe aliens have visited us?
  11. Nah. I feel like they an alien species would direct themselves towards a higher brain power than ours.

    What is your favorite show? :D

  12. I'd say Game of Thrones and The Magicians. Can't pick haha.

    What is your fondest memory?
  13. A close friend of mine who we all believed to be dead (legally declared so, funeral, etc) sent me a message about a year after the fact. We had most often communicated over messages, so I was very familiar with his writing style. Without any practical proof at that point, his message reduced me to tears of joy, because just from syntax, I knew it was my bud. We got to talk more and get back in our proper groove later on, but that one moment that felt so impossible, was undeniably happening anyways.

    I was having a rough time at that stage in life, and my feelings of pure joy and gratitude in that moment stand out like a beacon.

    What's something you're dealing with right now, that may or may not be going great, but you're still working on?
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