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  1. 60+ of course. They have earned their way of living and expect the rest to accept that.

    Should parents push their kids to be good at sports ?
  2. Definitely, why did your mum/carer/dad push you to eat healthy, because it's good for you. Same with sports
  3. Guess the average level of intelligence or laziness in kaw if they can't even follow what the thread title says.
  4. 42

    Is there another thread with only answers? Oh this is it? No?
  5. No. No. Maybe.

    Will KaW ever bridge the gap between the casual player, the casual spender, and the leaderboard?
  6. No way

    If you're stuck on a deserted island...

    Ginger or Maryann??
  7. Maryann Just love her boobs.

    Whiskey or vodka
  8. Whiskey!

    Cake or pie?
  9. Pie

    Blonde or brunnete
  10. Doesn't matter when there's a bag on their head.

    Coke or Pepsi?
  11. Coke obviously just a gram or 2

    Will ufc fans realise if mcrgergor even lands one punch on mayweather he will have overachieved
  12. No they never will

    Pizza or pasta?
  13. Pasta, gotta have a good sauce though

    Starbursts or skittles?
  14. Skittles. Taste the rainbow XD

    Do you pour the milk first or the cereal?
  15. Milk causes cancer, I don't eat it

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck of a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  16. About 2.

    Fall down every flight of stairs you use or be scared of your own reflection.
  17. Who needs mirrors anyway

    Go on a long car trip with no radio or no A/C(summer time)
  18. Ikr sweating to no oldies best part of the summer!

    Should we agree or disagree
  19. Agree to disagree

    Why does no one miss me? (The person that answers this better not make a joke about it or else ima murder ur children, once u get em if u havt alrdy)
  20. Because you're trying to murder my alleged future children.
    Why are you trying to murder my future alleged children?