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  1. $3

    Name the 2017 5th circuit court case that ruled income tax is based on fraud?
  2. Crummey V. Comm'r

    What was the name of the order given to kill all of the Jedi?
  3. Order 66

    Who is my favourite Jedi? (He's green and his lightsaber is as well)
  4. Yoda

    What is a good parody of Star Wars?
  5. Space balls

    Why is this back up again?
  6. Someone bumped it

    How does one even lift bro?
  7. Properly with their legs

    Why do my eyes hurt when I look at the sun too long?
  8. Because the direct sunlight is damaging your eyes.

    What does it mean to love?
  9. When your willing to pop that zit they can't reach on their back, also a bunch of chemicals in your brain.

    Why am I just pure consciousness?
  10. This thread is aight
  11. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
  12. Not far below the window. So just look down Juliet.

    What is the true meaning of life?
  13. To be happy

    Why am I so ugly?
  14. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Why does nobody farm xSky
  15. Well based on your question u want to farm xSky. So if no one is farming xSky that means u too are failing at what u want to do.

    Why do people believe there really was an 'old KaW'?

    For those that do not know 'old KaW' refers to when people only hit each other.
  16. I wasn't there but ppl have said even in those times they still had open farms for gold and stuff...guess you always had people who simply wanted to grow than actually play...for some reason that's beyond me

    If you could go back to anywhere in history for 1 minute...where would you go and what would you do
  17. I would go back 1 minute ago and not answer this question

    Why don't Israel accept refugees?

  18. For many Israeli Jews, even the smallest number of additional non-Jews is a potential threat, and the Syrian refugee crisis and the debate about Israel’s role has reawakened the country’s most deep-seated fear...
    that of losing the Jewish majority and subsequently the character of the Jewish state. :)
  19. Question not found ERROR

    If u could pick one age group that is the meanest what would it be?(0-4,5-11,12-18,19-29,30-45,46-59,60 are the age groups)
  20. 60+ of course. They have earned their way of living and expect the rest to accept that.

    Should parents push their kids to be good at sports ?