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  1. Ball

    What's more important: the journey or success
  2. Depends on the journey, a bad journey you could end up dead, but that could be a great journey untill you die, success isnt always what you want

    How do you like your eggs?
    P.S I like mine in a cake
  3. Hashbrown mess with eggs and green peppers, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and put it all in a bowl

    Paper or plastic?
  4. Plastic

    Condom or pull out?
  5. Neither

    How come Israel don't take accept refugees?
  6. For the lols

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  7. He would chuck fiv...


    Why am I going along with this blatant postcount farming thread?

    A thread which serves no other purpose. It's not comedic or entertaining, or exploring ideas or discussions.

    Eh, whatever! Yay for post counts! (Apparently)

    Wait, got to think of a question... hmmm

    I know! If the size of a football is 12 inches, and the size of an average shoe is size 7 UK, what are the chances of Liverpool ever winning the premier league?
  8. 3 inches of chance

    What is a post count? And who cares?

    (double overtime)
  9. I don't care.

    Why did I bother to post in this lame thread?
  10. what are the chances of Liverpool ever winning the premier league?[/quote]
    Its 1:67002567792499560332.0r 1:20 if they decide to use the tombola to decide the winner
    What are the chanses that Liverpool plays in the Championship 2018/19?
  11. Decent I guess but I'm an arsenal fan

    What's the chances Kayne is our next president??
  12. Its 0% as most of us dosnt live in USA.
    How many on kaw think their country is the only country on the planet?
  13. 12

    How many times has isis attacked Israel?

    Hint: it's zero
  14. So you answered your own question,brilliant

    Why is x_x so obsessed with Israel?
  15. I just learned how to spell

    How does maths work?
  16. x+x=smartass

    Can balls grow?
  17. Only if you water them properly.

    What am I wearing?
  18. Hoping that cute outfit u had on yesterday;)

    What color is Darth Vader's light saber?
  19. When he was first named Darth Vader it was blue.

    How much does it cost to BC?
  20. Just a guess but is it not close to 8q?

    Since I am not sure what is the actual total cost?