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  1. 3 lol. The thin contoured one on the bottom, then a fluffy feathered one in the middle and a kids pillow on top. All these probably equal the height of 2 soft pillows but I like it this way :)

    Next question -

    What is your most horrible memory?
  2. Being 4 and trying to "help" clean the bathtub for my mom while she wasn't around. The spray can, the stuff with the little scrub brush guy thats always smiling and looking determined? Yeah, took a spray of that to the mouth. Swollen tongue and cheeks, crying for hours, gagging, it was awful.

    Why did Amy Schumer's comedy special get such AWFUL reviews, while Dave Chapelle's were the highest rated ever on Netflix?
  3. because Amy Schumer is an awful comedian, an awful person, and ugly af. while Dave Chapelle is a mediocre comedian who is riding the crest of a nostalgia wave from when he was a great comedian.

    How is that even questionable?
  4. It is not questionable, at all

    What is life?
  5. life is pain, so is death (-Roadhog, Overwatch)

    favorite game that isn't KaW?
  6. Kingdom Hearts

    Deepest desire?
  7. Alison Brie

    deepest regret?
  8. Y r u such a homo?
  10. I regret nothing

    Where did the dank memes go?
  11. Dank meme are always 420 blaze it

    How can you tie a knot onto a zipper
  12. Very carefully

    What was Mickey Mouse’s name before it was changed to Mickey?
  13. I think it was riverboat Willie or something like that.

    How much does it cost to bc?
  14. Alot, last land(6) number 4 or 5 cost above 3t, so 25 lvl 1+ 25lands is 1700t...lvl 2 is 9t, another 225... Lands + lvl2 cost about 2000t, after that i donno but it should be ALOT more since theres alot of lvls on the buildings

    Why have so many ppl in wc blocked me?
  15. Because they don't like you.

    Tacos or pizza?
  16. pizza

    Horn or Pacquiao?
  17. Pacquiao

    Can you describe red to a blind person?
  18. Red is the color u see when u bleed.

    Why are people self destructive?
  19. If man has nothing to protect he will destroy the world

    Flat earth or ball earth?