Ask the next person a question

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  1. What is your favorite type of noodle

    Edit; broth for the above question
  2. Pool noodle.

    Favorite Beyonce song?
  3. One where beyonce isn't in it

    Why am I a male
  4. Because you have a Y chromosome

    Free pass, next person doesn't need to answer anything
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. Id love to be a stripper. It'd be great.

    Does your mom love you?
  7. Nope. Disowned her 5 years ago.
    Best decision I ever made.

    What do you think of my Rick & Morty socks?
  8. ... what the hell is rick and morty?
    I have no valid answer for that.

    Does my mum love me?
  9. i think we both know the answer to that

    why does my dad love me so?
  10. Because the universe chose so

    Why does Danny Phantom eat bananas?
  11. He adores their phallic shape.

    At what point did this thread start to sucking so much?
  12. 31 pages ago.

    When will the governments of the world tell us the truth about aliens?
  13. Never. They do not want us to know they are aliens themselves.

    Who is your favorite mod, and why?
  14. Wulf because of his EB guide which was a bible to me

    Which pie do you favour when having a poo?
  15. I usually have a lamb n mint n a good think

  16. Stake pie.

    Why is there only a few girl smurff but so many guys
  17. There is only smurfette.. Because she is the smurf village bike I always thought

    Why when u scratch yo bum poo place on the couch do u sniff it after? Its gonna smell of poo! What do we expect?
  18. Double poo question! Nice
  19. Silly questions that.

    OK, if u could go back to when you first started kawing, what would you not do?
  20. i don't think i would tell myself anything,

    how many pillows must you have to comfortably fall asleep?