Ask the next person a question

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  1. It's gonna get messy pretty soon.

    What's your thought on damn by Kendrick Lamar
  2. Terrible.

    Are you religious?
  3. Yes....

    Does your mom still talk about me?
  4. Yes she Say's you're the worst she's ever had.

    What music you into?
  5. All kinds of music.

    Did you take my left sock?
  6. No, all my socks are perfectly matched.

    What's your opinion on eventually colonizing mars? (Long scale, not short scale)
  7. Not gonna happen

    Why is so much money wasted on space which could have been used to improve life on earth
  8. NASA's entire budget is around 19b, with a smaller fraction towards space exploration. It represents maybe 0.5% of the national budget. All of the budget gets reinvested into our economy, and most of it gets returned as research products we then use to improve our everyday life.
    The defense budget is about 600b.

    Ideal situation : living alone, or living with roommates?
  9. Alone... forever alone

    Do your parents know your gay?
  10. no, but i'm more worried about telling my girl...

    what kind of shoes do you wear?
  11. Trainers in the sun, boots in the rain.

    What's your favourite holiday destination?
  12. Bangkok, Thailand.

    How long have you played KaW
  13. 7.5 years.

    Who last hit you
  14. A complete noob cake.

    What do you prefer? Briefs or boxers?
  15. do boxer briefs count? i like them snug but not TOO snug.

    t-shirts, muscle shirts or long sleeve shirts?
  16. Long sleeve shirts. I live in Wisconsin.

    Favorite season?
  17. Summer, because everyone is outside and I get fast wifi.

    How much is too much money on kaw?
  18. Any amount x)

    How would you prefer to pass away?
  19. Eating too much.
    Favorite food?
  20. Pineapple Pizza

    If you were able to only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be

    (unlimited amount of said drink, but only the one!)