Ask the next person a question

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  1. Yeah couldn't think of a better name...


    Simple thread...just answer the question of the person above and ask your own question..

    What's the point?none really

    Sorry for:
    -low effort
    -if there is a similar thread already

    My question: Why am I not on leaderboard yet?
  2. Because you suck.
  3. Lol and also u forgot to ask a is one then:

    Bananas or apples?
  4. Bananas!

    Rap or R&B?
  5. J-rock

    Have you contracted AIDS?
  6. That is HIV negative.

    How beautiful is my left ear?
  7. Your left ear is as beautiful as my middle leg.

    Whats a phone?
  8. a system that converts acoustic vibrations to electrical signals in order to transmit sound, typically voices, over a distance using wire or radio.

    Have you ever eaten a kebab left over from the night before? Because you were to wasted and passed out.
  9. No

    You a top or bottom type of perosn?
  10. Top

    Is this just another post count farming thread?
  11. Yes it is.

    How much does it cost to get top 50 on allies?
  12. 3 goats and a camel

    How far down the LB can top 3 hit?
  13. 21

    Was that a logical answer?
  14. no

    Who'd win in a fight...spragga or chuck norris?
  15. Spragga

    whats 9 +10
  16. 19

    Jhon cena vs. Muhammad Ali (at their peak)who wins?

  17. Tight or loose?
  18. tight

    War or peace?
  19. Peace.

    Pizza or waffles?
  20. waffles.

    Marvel or DC?