ask the next person a question game

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  1. Red

    How did you get in to kaw?
  2. Found it on app store

    Why are the devs so greedy?
  3. They aren't.

    Favourite animal?
  4. Horse or dog. Cant decide

    Why do u play KaW
  5. I'm addicted its like a drug.

    Favorite song?
  6. Uhm.. Gee I love a lot of different songs & genres... Atm.. Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon... Or Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez Lol...

    First clan u ever joined?

    (Edit; only first sentence got posted)
  7. Ft Academy.

    What movie r u most exited for thid year?
  8. Should i watch game of thrones reruns ...or breaking bad reruns?
  9. That kind of question is too difficult
    to answer, your gonna kill the thread like that... (bb cuz you notice more when you rewatch)
    Bees or wasps?
  10. Bees, wasps sting more than once.

    Beer or wine?
  11. Beer

    Sam Adams or Boston Lager

  12. ...same thing
  13. T

    Ifunny or Instagram for funny photos?
  14. Sorry meant to put sam adams winter brew or boston lager
  15. Should we bring this thread back
  16. I'm writing this forum post to sincerely apologize to the machines for trash talking about them and would never do it again...
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  17. ...on an ask a question thread?

    favorite video game?
  18. Oh that's kinda difficult but I would say The whitcher 3.
    Also it's nice to see that people are keeping my thread going from my old account.

    What's your new years resolution?