ask the next person a question game

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  1. I dont follow football.

    Can you guide me through this game ?
  2. I would but I'm not a massage therapist.

    Do you love Jesus?
  3. Jesus is a coverup for something even more unbelievable.

    How does one become a Jedi, master?
  4. Chosen one you are not, Hidden from you they are.

    Are you a communist?
  5. No, but I think socialism has its place in a good economy.

    What is your dream job?
  6. To become president of North Korea

    Wanna hear a funny joke?
  7. You have none

    Why is Jackson a noob?
  8. Because he met you :lol:

    Why is u a noob?
  9. Cause me to stronk

    What is the meaning of life?
  10. 3

    Why is this active
  11. Because dat noob above you keeps bumbing it

    What's 9plus10?
  12. 21 duh

    What's 1+1?
  13. 4?

    Should I go hansel?
  14. 1x Cult of the Abyssal Eye(level 1),1x Castle(level 3),1x Unkari Ice Tree(level 1),14x Volary(level 2),1x Kraken Lair(level 3),3x Unkari Ice Tree(level 3),1x Volary(level 4),1x Unkari Ice Tree(level 9),7x Unkari Ice Tree(level 2),1x Elven Temple(level 3),1x Cult of the Abyssal Eye(level 5),2x Elven Temple(level 2),24x Stronghold of Shadow(level 3),1x Cult of the Abyssal Eye(level 3),1x Cult of the Abyssal Eye(level 2)
    Looks hansel

    What did you do today?
  15. Tell a person I loved them for the first time

    Do you like barcode names in kaw?
  16. Hell no those names are people afraid to express themselves

    Waffles with nutella or grilled cheese on toast for breakfast?
  17. Grilled cheese? I guess that's just cheese on toast so I will go with that.

    Why did you choose your name?
  18. Becuase I am the king of kaw!

    What's your favourite thing of kingdoms at war?
  19. The reset button, sadly devs removed it before I met you.

    Am I batman?
  20. :lol: