ask the next person a question game

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  1. I honestly don't know, we prolly have some sort of disease. Possibly kawitous, legit disease.

    What's the time in pdt?
  2. Late

    What in the 7th Level of hell is pdt?
  3. I thought it was Pacific down time
    Then again I'm stupid....

    What's the time in China?
  4. Early??

    I'm in us. Where is ata based thease days?
  5. Vancouver

    What does babies taste like?
  6. I'm unable to answer due to the tou. And not fully understanding that ?

    Why would you ask?
  7. Because it sounds funny

    Why would you ask me why I asked you?
  8. Coz I could think of a few funny answers. That would get me banned.

    Why you askin me why I askin you?
  9. Idk

    How many people work for ATA altogether? Including support etc
  10. More than you or me will ever know....

    Why did all the others leave this thread?
  11. They're scared of our knowledge :?:

    Why am I still here?
  12. You are a kaw-Caine addict. Admit it!

    Can't I post this before my damn batt. Dies?
  13. Nop

    Why do I like Kaw-Caine though?
  14. It's not as addictive as kawheroin
  15. Do pigs i mean police fly
  16. Hey where did you get that?
  17. From Tesco's

    Can you right out all the numbers in pie?
  18. No. Don't feel like spending eternity for a thread.

    Do you play Pokémon
  19. Occasionally with an emulator

    How many types of elemelons are there?

    Below me you fookin retard there a 4 elemelons earth,air,water,fire learn your avatar bro
  20. 1

    Favourite footballer?