ask the next person a question game

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  1. Hibbets

    Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift?
  2. Taylor Swift is bae

    Would you wear a bacon thong?
  3. Taylor Swift because everything on Nicki Minaj is fake

    What is your favourite band.
  4. Yes I would

    How many people have you kissed on the lips or other body parts? ️
  5. Who is the best mod
  6. None.

    Who is the hottest girl you've ever seen?
  7. Candy you are wrong. The best mod is moose and toast.
  8. This girl in my history class.

    If you were to to live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
  9. False the best mod was serpent

    Egg or the chicken
  10. The funny thing is Head.
    Serpent still lives.

    Does it matter?
  11. Forgot to put a question
  12. You didn't put a question either.

    Anyone one remember when I first made this?
  13. 2years ago

    Who do u root for the palestines or Islam
  14. Yes I do narwhal. I based it off of yours.

    I don't know what to ask now
  15. ISIS

    What is the best branch of military
  16. Marine corp.

    Would you ever farm someone if I asked you too and they deserved it v
  17. Depends...

    Who would that be?
  18. Your cat

    When was the last time you got drunk and what did you do while you were drunk
  19. 3 years ago. Threw up and bled,a Lot.

    What's keeps you playing kaw?