ask the next person a question game

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  1. My future wife/and or baby mother(at some point in this lifetime or the next)

    Daphnia 

    How much gold do you have out?
  2. 5,956,395,864

    What is your favourite color?
  3. Blue,

    Are you wearing glasses?
  4. Yes, I am wearing glasses and it's brand new!! :D

    Name one inactive ally that you remember.
  5. I owned a 600B ally named Window.. 

    Priciest ally you've owned?
  6. Skill_Capped

    Value: 98,362,122,955

    Status: Inactive

    Which section of the forums do you most view normally?
  7. Active topics

    What's the quickest you have been zero'd?
  8. FanFiction,

    Only in ee so 30s 

    Highest EE plunder?
  9. 4,382,852,810

    What is 9 10=?
  10. 910!! (am I right?)
  11. No and yes. Police code 910= prowler, CB 10-9= repeat question.

    What is best way to preserve human telomere's?
  12. I tend to put them in jars of vinegar right next to my collection of human hearts.

    How many medals do you have?
  13. Enough to make you CF again

    Why is Chelsea so good? Like I've been a fan for a decade and they're the best ever.
  14. Because they have Hazard, one of the best strikers in premier league.

    ^ I will never CF to you, took a entire clan for me to do so.

    Why is space so abstract?
  15. Because the are to many theories to how it came to be.

    Can I have a tril in ally hires?
  16. As soon as I change my name.

    Can you send me a nood?
  17. I don't know. Can I???

    What's your favourite food.
  18. Cheesecake...and so much more..

    Is there anything gold is actually needed for?
  19. Cheesecake...and so much more..

    Is there anything gold is actually needed for?
  20. No, it's just for looks. Idk why money is off gold.

    Do you like Dicks or Hibbets?