ask the next person a question game

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  1. No i gave you dysentry, no more laxatives for you <3

    What flavour ice cream do you like?
  2. Vanilla flavour.

    Which epic battle in Kaw was your favourite?
  3. Tseabraw

    Who's your favourite superhero?
  4. Captain America.

    If you had 25 trillion gold in Kaw right now,
    What would you do?
  5. Buy an ice cream machine for my soldiers

    What's 1+1 = ?
  6. 1+1= 2

    Do you like drawing?
  7. wrong!!! 1+1=window :-(

    Yes I do!

    Do you like ponies?
  8. Yes they're delicious

    What does yellow smell like?
  9. Yellow taste like Wolley's

    What do Wolley's taste like?
  10. Yellow smells like a sunflower!

    If you have 5,000 World Chat speakers with you right now,
    What would you do?
  11. Nothing. Having 5k means nothing, been there done that.

    What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  12. I will be dressing as a Frankenstein!

    Do you like winter season?
  13. What even is winter? There's no winter where I come from...

  14. Okay..

    So what's the next question??
  15. The next question is:

    Me asking why u asked a question about what the next question is to be questioned. :-O
  16. So that we can continue on this fun thread! You know, fun for everyone? :D

    On that note, who starts the next question to keep this thread active and moving? :lol:
  17. My mom

    Who plays destiny? On Ps4?
  18. Destiny sucks.Warframe is better

    Who plays war frame?
  19. Never heard of it.

    Do you love me?
  20. I love you as a KaW friend! :D

    Name the newest moderator that comes to KaW?