Ask Devouring: Why KaW is losing players?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Devouring, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Many of you ladies and gentlemen are wondering, "Why KaW is going inactive all of a sudden"?

    It's pretty started!!!!. All the elementary and middle school players are busy with there academics. I gathered some statistics. What my statistics stated is that KaW is filled with 98% kids that are under fourteen years old. That's why you been seeing a lot of mix emotions. Most of these kids are going through some rough times. Puberty is a struggle!!!!

    That's all I got for you guys and gals today.

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  2. Did you know 90% of all statistics are made up 70% of the time?
  3. That's right, I'm one of them.

    /end sarcasm

  4. 50% of the time they're right every time.

  5. 40,000% truth
  6. This is a very logical explanation. Good thread Devouring.
  7. Great thread devouring, vote best of
  8. /end is redundant, because / means end in a sense. Stop being stupid
  9. This is somewhat amusing. Why the inb4locks folks?
  10. I'd question the statistics but whatever kinda true 

  11. Lmao WHAT?


    Best of.

  12. Retire again and go back to PIMD. 
  13. Nah Kaw is made of 75% full grown men in their Mid 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, But sure we are children in our hearths... Only diff we have a bank acc and maybe a fridge with bear, Ice cream cup, and a 1999 disk from taylord swiff, when she Was Prob 10, so thats creepy of we think about her album name , maybe a cool VHS/Beta- tape from Michael Jackson Thriller,
  14. Everyone is a few days of the new York city on the other day to see
  15. 98%?

    Pull that out of thin air or what?
  16. Create another thread which says, "how kaw affected rl?" And lets find out. ;)

  17. That must make getting a beer challenging.