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  1. Hey everyone!
    Just wanted you all to know its AshesOfEden's birthday today.

    He wants to keep it hush hush, but I think he deserves a wall post from everyone to show their love for this prestigious forumer!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ashes !!!happy birthday broski!!!

    I'll be first wall post to 
  3. I see silicone and def not silicone Birthday wishes to Ash, who by the way slipped to mention to me it was his Big Day. His newsfeed now shows him how much of friend I am to congratulate him in his many years of wisdom and humor on this planet.
    Happy Birthday Ashes

    (I do this on his real Birthday, just to say Hi)
  4. We need the same number pairs of boobies as ashes age, just so he can blow them out so it's official.
  5. Who is AshesOfEden?
  6. Hush your font. Ashes is the man

  7. I think the question is, who are you?
  8. Me. And you?
  9. I'm Bob the builder.
  10. Oh...are we RP-ing? I'm a firetruck then.
  11. Who's Ashes, never heard of him.
  12. Fire truck RP is my thing damnit.
  13. Ashes for VK on his BD
  14. For your birthday, I bought you some lip enhancement.

    I had my friend Scarlett try it on for you.
  15. What?
  16. No support.
  17. A bit late for April fools ;)