AshesOfEden for Valiant Knight

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  1. With just under 10,000 posts now in the KaW forums, I know of very few other currently active forumers as deserving of the VK award than AshesOfEden!

    I mean, the award is supposed to reward players who make significant contributions to the game and enhance the playing experience of the kawmunity. Well let me tell you Grant, Mike, Bruce, and all the other Apes: AshesOfEden is *exactly* one of those kinds of players.

    I come on forums just to see what Ashes has posted, ya know! Even if it's one of the many gifs of ladies showing a bit of lady flesh. Or a witty comment with a gif.

    Or, the HUGE amount of effort put into posts like the one with the last OSW heroes or the one about bikes or any other one where Ashes is OP for that matter! The effort put in to keep these forums entertaining is phenomal and I hope the devs realize this.

    Your forums would be much less of a fun place without Ashes. In fact, I'd go so far as to say AshesOfEden = forums, these days.

    no forumer is safe from an Ashes gif!

    or one of the pics from the Ashes harem of ladies!

    AshesOfEden for VK. All other players who agree that such effort to make our forums a fun place to be deserves recognition, write support below.
  2. I'd be ok supporting Ashes for VK.
    Ashes' threads are always fun times to read.

    (Please fix your second gif, it's spazz-tacular)
  3. support, was waiting on someone to post a thread like this :D
  4. Support. Ashes has been in forums for as long as I can remember. He's always entertained me :lol: that's rare to see in forums nowadays.
  5. I rarely see this person lol
  6. I support this. Ashes has always made me laugh and kept the KaW forums fun and engaging.
  7. Ashes 4 VK17

    He has gone above & beyond, imo. Long overdue.
  8. NO SUPPORT ...seriously most of his threads really suck. 90% of the time all he does is kiss butt. Majority of his threads dont get traction unless someone trolls then all his butt kissing targets come on to support his ass kissing of them. I honestly cant remeber "1" thread of his that actually gave some sort of insight to any aspect of the game that anyone actually cared about....

    ....if Vlad doesn't get a stickie or VK for his thread on how to improve Android performance then no way in hell Ashes should get recognized for pandering/butt kissing the spenders/mods/& devs.

    And anyways probably a 1/5-1/4 of his threads get locked or deleted for violating ROC/TOU ...he probably holds the record for forum bans.
  9. ^Tl;dr

    Vlad should be vk and get sticky.

    Hell no.

  10. That thread is around 3 years old, and vlad appears to no longer be active.

    Also, its in guides now, which has essentially replaced threads being stickied.
  11. I'm going to quote this before you edit when you realise that vlad has recently posted on that very thread.
  12. Yea. Looks like he must be using a different account than the one he originally posted.
  13. Threads get locked when yall constantly derail them with needless bickering...

    Either support, or dont, but for the love of God, move on! Damn.
  14. Support VK 2017 Long over due
  15. This does not and will never mean anything i dont get the big deal and why some people even feel like its worth protesting
  16. Ashes is Kaw's ray of sunshine ♕ Ashes for VK ♕
  17. I can support this.