Ascend to Osmon Rai - March 31st!

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    Man I done spent all my bars...... not fair.
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    Yes imp I'm such a butthurt loser I wrote a crybaby unfair paragraph about this silly game
    #priorites #lol@imfthemanboy
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    I don't get where people say it costs to much I mean it's a free game you don't need to pay anything. If you're paying that's your own choice noone says to do this or do that you have no choice but to pay. I mean really is someone holding a gun to your head and making you spend money? No? Well then there's no reason to say it costs to much. 
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    Hi everyone all your contributions are good and I suggest Devs to take them on board.Please Devs where are these lands you announced to all? I can not seem to see them on my device.

    Thank you.
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    Folks, the new lands are not an April fools joke. I mean look, they're being released on March 31st.

    The April fools joke will be when they remove the lands on April 1st and refund all of your gold spent.
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    Hahaha look at this "winner"

    ....says the butthurt "loser"
    Yes imp I'm such a butthurt loser I wrote a crybaby unfair paragraph about this silly game
    #priorites #lol@imfthemanboy

    Crybaby, lol.....riiiiight, lol. Might want to read what I said again. Actually, it was more me feeling sorry for you and your washed up group of ragtags. I think you showing up on here replying to my post and adding nothing of value shows how butthurt and desperate for any kind of win you are.

    Wish ya better luck in the next game you play. #uninstallkawbro
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    Chubby and IMF could y'all stop bashing each other on this thread? Move it to another one more appropriate or pm/walls?
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    Hi Everyone,

    ATA is a business and just like my business they like to make money. Bringing in new lands will bring in more money.

    The people that spend the most money on kaw in general are build complete already and have been for some time. This will give them something that will create big spending from those big spenders. Some say that's a money grab by ATA and yes it is but if this is your business I can guarantee that the majority of you would do the same.

    I was surprised when Battle Cry was introduced and didn't think it a good business decision being they cost is Aussies $7 and told the Devs that maybe a clan community purchase was a better idea for it. But I have noticed how wrong I was over this last month and have been blow away with the amount of battle cries bought by a single person let alone the multiples in each clan trying to outdo other clans. It's nothing to see clans with 200hrs when you entry and not even HTE clans.

    I think ATA has been smart over the past few months giving the people events where the dominate eb for the item drops was not HTE. It's given people the opportunity to get to the higher levels of rewards without spending if they didn't want. And for those of us suckers that spend too much it gave us good top 100 rewards.

    Please remember that this game has lasted a lot longer than most games do. ATA have successfully made money from it regardless of all our complaints of the changes and they need to ride it for as long as they can. That's why we have new lands, it's definitely not about the new player or the player that isn't Built Complete as they are not spending a lot of money, and no business can survive for long not making money. And if they do spend a lot of money then build complete here they come.

    The game was the best in the Pwar days for community. It was my favourite time in kaw. Now kaw is a tap tap game with little community feel to it. You only have to keep your seal current and get to stay in clans where in the Pwar days you had to be involved in the clan or you weren't welcome.

    That being said I am still here tap tap tapping away and with 3 full time accounts still. Why is that? It's things like the new lands and how long will it take me to BC and the things like when the lowland wars where in beta trial were fun because many gave it a go and even these stupid event. I say stupid but still try and get 1 account into top 100 each time if the rewards are good enough. Same with the pvp events, I personally try and stay out of trouble but enjoy the fun of the event when the rewards are good enough and time allows it (usually open an OSF and OAF). I don't even mind getting the incoming from the other LB's which we all hate when not in this event.

    Anyway, enough rambling by me. I just thought this might help the younger people out there that think this game was made for them to enjoy. Well it's not or we'd still have pwars but that didn't make enough money. What the game is for is to make ATA a lot of money.

    Opinions of a Patman
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    Bring the new lands out,decrease the cost price of exploring and building on the abyss
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    I like the addition of the new lands but id like some gold back from the hf building i have already like you did on the hls!! It would be appreciated if the devs did something like that again
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    How about a zta promo to celebrate? I need more stats to save my dead clan from failing eb's :'(

    Also, I saw a few clans doing the eb "Sharks in a Tornado". April fools eb? :lol:
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    Yeah, cool EB, finally something more creative from ATA, you actually need to think about your strategy and what you are doing rather than just tap-tap-tap.... Hope more new EBs will be like this!
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    Best EB ever! Looks like the Devs are mayhaps gonna take KAW in a new direction, or at least into another dimension ("with voyeuristic intention ... with a bit of a mind flip ..." et cetera).
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    It's about time!

    With BFA not making that much difference (funny game mechs) Devs have given more than enough time to reduce the gap.

    Also, I do find it funny that people with one year badges expect to be as strong as people with 5 year badges 

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the new lands
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    Sharks in a tornado is Kewl.
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    I would be concerned if it seems almost impossible to catch up. Which it does atm.
    Plus by the way our graphics look its really unappealing
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    The shark eb is a thing? 
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    The seniors argument is a totally different situation. Yes it is possible as there is an end goal in mind for them - to become as smart as them which is possible.
    But for kaw? Its nearly impossible to bc or get half way there.
    Edit: new players need a relatively even playing ground to start off with. So they dont feel too far behind. Look at our hit range. Look at the stat diff betweem bc and non bc. Does it seem depressing for a new player or even veterans who had been tapping their ass off to find someone who spent a lot of cash overtake them? Yes. Same logic
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    Check clan: I.S.S 