Arrest The Above Player

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ProviingAPoint, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Arrested for being allergic to silver.
  2. Arrested because blue is my favorite color. Not RED
  3. Arrested for impersonating a federal official.
  4. Arrested for asking people arrest me later
  5. arrested for arresting a kaw legend
  6. Arrested for bing a unknown

  7. Arrested for being a noob and thinking your allies aren't for sale..
  8. Arrested cause u forgot to put Optimus b4 prime in ur name
  9. arrested for making me spend a minute trying to pronounce your name correctly
  10. Arrested for having a boring name

    Arrested for hiding behind numbers and not playing the game right
  11. Arrested for being too mean to me on a game about "war"
  12. arrested for being dramatic
  13. Arrested for arresting someone who should be getting an Emmy
  14. Arrested for stealing my mail
  15. Arrested for lurking
  16. Arrested for tossing your kid in a gorilla habitat
  17. Arrested cos he touches kids^
  18. Arrested for being jealous
  19. Arrested for not jealous