Are Charms/Rewards Good for KaW?

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  1. Before charms, I had a collection of useless equipment. That collection grew and grew as events passed. The developers decided to change this by allowing us to turn the unused equipment into charms. The problem is they also introduced rewards, which operate similarly to charms in that they provide a small amount of stats per item. We can also trade our rewards and charms, which means stats can grow further and further. Ultimately, any new player who has no idea of how the game is played will suffer and struggle where they wouldn’t have before this update came along.

    Tell me (and the devs) how you feel about charms. Support? Why? No support? Why? Thank you for your time.
  2. charms are bad
  3. Would you say they are....problematic?

    As an eb fairy, charms are okay. Greatly changed the dynamic of pvp/wars. They added a new collector element to the game, along with furniture. As a casual eb fairy, I do like having tangible, colorful things to collect and/or hope for (like chest drops and maxing eq to transmute).

    From a competitive standpoint (the important standpoint for many players), I don't have much personal input because I've never been a terribly competitive KaWer.
  4. Charms are bad. Will devs fix these flaws? Probably not. They're in to deep and people are paying for them so they will probably forever be part of the game. If, however, devs see this, then I vote to remove them entirely. :D
  5. Okay!
  6. It really depends how you play the game

    Me, myself am an all round player, I enjoy hitting ebs, osw, ee wars and most of all trading. I’m always trading, I’m always in world chat, always in clan etc etc.

    Before trading was introduced I was getting bored of the game, I quit several times.
    Trading was released and I’ve been more active than I’ve ever been before.

    It’s introduced a new area for players to experience and explore that’s for sure.

    Now, the bad side (personally I’m too bothered, I’ve got used to it) is the war side of things with charms and rewards. I’ve been in wars when one account has beeeeefffed up with a lot of charms and is untouchable (and is usually the account that single handily wins the war)
    I can see why players are getting frustrated but also what you have to understand is, most games are pay to win and that’s exactly what these accounts are doing.

    What I personally do not like is charm farmers, they’re putting billions and billions into the market, saturating rare charm prices etc etc. But that can be talked about elsewhere.

    I’ve noticed devs have started making changes to try and sort something out in regards to charm stats with the recent chest update (having a huge stat charm that you can only have 1 per showcase) pm me if you don’t understand

    I just think they need to include charm stats into war match ups and try to keep everyone happy, introduce new types of charm, new types of equips, certain charm upgrades and more war types to keep everyone happy.
  7. For wars especially, charms, or the way they aren’t counted in stats for the match ups, are bad. I think all that devs would have to do to balance out charms, and therefore all the problems that come with them, is to make all the stat bonuses 0.1x what they currently are. ie when you transmute they keep 1% of stats not 10%.

    This would balance out wars a bit more whilst not removing an income source for the devs. Win win if you ask me.
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  9. Charms should be UNTRADEABLE.
  10. I said this before. A dev commented on one of my thread about whether or not they should be traded. My response was indeed a no (even though I’m always trading and enjoy it, I explained how easily abused it would be)

    If charms are now made untradable now then there is no way for people to catch up to the people who have stacked them up.
  11. Devs created a monster with charms and with charm trading and now don’t know how to handle the problem. They can’t just take charms away now but theirs no real step to solve the problem that they created.
  12. I support the release and trading of charms just for one reason: Activity!

    With the release of charms, any player can not only get new charms from existing Legends which will pretty much go on every week, but also transmute equipment that they are not using it anymore for charms!

    The charm feature being implemented has ensured a new addition that those who stay active in Kingdoms At War and participate on Legends so often, will progressively get stronger even if they do not upgrade their buildings at all, with the charms being there to beef them up no matter how small it is. Every single stats of the charms count.

    Think of it as a similar way, as a swordman's sword progressively gets
    stronger and more lethal with a single blow to his enemies, assuming he doesn't change his core self and change his equipment or the way he fights. Every single day, you can see his sword's aura of fire glowing a little stronger and stronger, slowly being fused with a new effect to add burn damage! On the hundredth day the swordman can just wipe out an enemy within a single hit. Even if that enemy survived from the blow initially, he'll still die indirectly from fire!

    Charms pretty resonate with me as a player with activity that every time I get even one charm, no matter how small the stats I had a feeling of being stronger!
  13. I think charms are bad because:

    Unlimited, untouchable stats; no cap on charm stats, and unlike bfa there is no risk associated with investing in charms. In the days before charms, the only way to obtain huge static bonuses was through bfa, which of course came with the risk of being stripped. This possibility of having your strength forcibly removed kept a certain balance to the game which is now gone with charms.

    Obviously the devs are now in far too deep to even consider removing charms however there are some ways in which they could balance out this power:

    One possibility would be to add a mechanic that makes charms destructible; by this I mean that you could target a certain charm on an account and each hit you give that account does damage to the charm. Once the charm’s hp is depleted or would go into an inactive state, giving no star bonus, requiring either gold or a new item type to restore its power. I would be happy to expand upon this if anyone has any queries.

    Another option that has already been mentioned on this thread would be to reduce the bonus from charms to 1% rather than 10% of the original eq’s stats

    A further idea could be to reduce the effect of charms significantly; rather than the full stats shown on the charm being directly added as a static bonus, perhaps they could contribute to a percentage bonus being added, much like the % bonuses for eq and bfa in LL wars.

    I can imagine any of these options would anger/irritate the big charmers out there and would of course reduce one revenue stream for the devs however a huge proportion of the money generated by charms goes from player to player rather than to the devs; if bfa became a greater factor again then I can imagine xtal/nob purchases would increase to fill the lost charm revenue.

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