Arab refugees refuse aid. Discuss!

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  1. So, I'm watching the news, and I come across this..........

    (News story below)

    Huge numbers of Muslim refugees are beginning to flood the borders in Europe. To try and cope with the massive influx, the European Union recently passed an emergency grant to funnel funds to Red Cross to help feed the refugees.

    But what should be embraced with open arms (free food and water) is being rejected and insulted. Why? Because the Red Cross logo is, well, a red cross!

    The video below shows a huge crowd of Muslim refugees at the Greek/Macedonian border. Soldiers arrive with food and water in boxes showing the Red Cross logo on the side.

    When the Muslim crowd sees the log they begin yelling and waiving off the boxes. You can even see them holding their hands up with the one finger ‘One God – Allah’ sign. The crowd cheers when the soldiers finally walk away, taking the food supplies with them.

    Europe and the West had better brace for impact, folks. While these people may not support those waging war in the Middle East, they also don’t support our way of life. Not one bit.

    See video below (or google it if my link doesn't work)

    What are your thoughts on these Arab refugees?

    Are they justified in turning down aid?

    Should Europe welcome these people with open arms?

    Are their actions civilized?

    Do you see any potential trouble when these people come into your country/neighborhood?

  2. Ugh. Not all crosses mean "Christianity". Some crosses (like in math) represent "addition". The cross on the flag of the Swiss represents "Switzerland" and the cross on the Red Cross boxes represents "first aid".
    But regardless, if you're looking for help, and a person is trying to assist you, some gratitude would be in order.

    (Face palm)
  3. Remove them
  4. Just had a look at that video, that seems to be some stupid crap posted to stir some racial unrest.

    Those refugees do refuse the food not because of the red cross on the boxes, but because the food isn't Halal and therefore unfit for consumption for a muslim (well, for some at least).

    Trying to offer a ham sandwich or a bacon burger with a beer to a muslim (or a Jew), or a beef steak to an Hindu (or a vegan/vegetarian) isn't really the smartest move even if that person is starving. I would categorize this a cultural unawareness... a faux pas.

    To be honest, both sides seem totally out of control of the actual situation and such clashes are bound to arise.
  5. Beggers can't be choosers.....but I suppose we will bin perfectly good food to appease these people and return with medieval slaughtered halal crap.

    Send them back, under force of arms if necessary.
  6. Screw them and send them back to the hellhole they came from.Freaking ungrateful people.Lets see what their allah can do for them in their times of need.
  7. So it's to stir up racial unrest because these turds turn it away for one religious reason and not another? Uh, ok....
  8. If you believe in a religion you won't just bend the rules or break the rules to that religion because you are in need.
  9. Most Muslims would actually starve rather than eat non halal food.

    However saying that. There will be some stuff in the food that's edible for them, turning it all away is just insulting.
  10. I don't think you really understood what I was saying, so once again:

    If you post a video on YouTube under a misleading title (the title is incorrect and implies a religious clash between Christians and Muslims), you usually try to influence the viewer into a certain direction. And in this case it isn't innocent at all...

    If that video was titled: Macedonian army feeds pork to muslim refugees; how would you feel when looking at that same video?

    To be clear, the way some refugees react isn't very tactful and could be seen as ungrateful. This looks more like a total organizational chaos then any bad will from either side.
  11. Totally agree on that.

    Just because one idiot yelled that it isn't halal (and you obviously will get a few followers right afterwards), the whole food goes back.

    An intelligent and organized thing would have been to open those boxes after getting them and have a look at what is in them, grab what you can (at least distribute those chocolate bars and apples that certainly where in there to the children...), say thank you and politely point at the fact that you can't consume part of the food due to religious constraints.
  12. Let the scum starve to death. Send them back to their own country and make them fight there own war.
  13. Really? I can't use the word "scum" or "starve" in a sentence. Haha!

    ATA you have become overly stupid with your word censoring.
  14. I say population control works it's self out in the end. Too stupid to eat? Too stupid to live.
    dying because something doesnt meet your religious needs is a service of kindness and more should take this example and free up my oxygen.....

  15. In an ideal world, yes. This is the way to handle it. However, this isn't an ideal world. There may have been a language gap, or maybe they were tired, hungry and scared, not thinking clearly and were clinging desperately to their religion as their one solace
  16. These people are using religion as a tool to suit themselves.

    Use rubber bullets on them coated in pork fat...
    And cover the security fences in streaky bacon.
  17. Send them back to their own countries and let them do as they please, Problem Solved,
  18. They deserve what's coming if they reject it
  19. All they want is to make a point. If they were actually hungry, they would eat. They want what they want, when they want it, how they want it, where they want it, and if they don't get it, people are being indecent and horrible to innocent refugees.
  20. Show up to my house univited and insult the hospitality i offer?

    Turn the **** around and go back to your house.