AR-15s, M240s, M16s, M4s and the Like

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  2. Making guns illegal won’t help tbh.. I could 3D print a gun tomorrow and use a metal pipe for a barrel and an air tank... it’s honestly not hard but hey I could become a million/billionaire tomorrow if guns get outlawed but hey I wouldn’t go that.. but gangs will... the Mexican Cartels will... how would places with gang Violence turn out if everyone they rob becomes unarmed? Trying to save a small percentage murders (mass shooting) of to increase murders in other areas (gangs planned kills ect) isn’t fixing a problem. And ppl keep adding in suicides which is well over half of gun deaths and call them murder.
  3. I agree with you 100%.

    When you make something illegal you just stop the law-abiding citizens from obtaining it while the gangs get richer and stronger from distributing the very thing that was made illegal.

    “To Conquer a Nation, First Disarm its Citizens"

  4. I love this one.

    Hey lord did you forget about the mass shooting of the GOP baseball practice? ALL the republicans were there and fired upon by a left wing radical that worked for Bernie Sanders campaign. Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R) was critically wounded and he still won’t touch the 2nd amendment. Did you forget about that one ? Well it wasn’t really mentioned a whole lot on didn’t fit the Russia narrative that the DNC media has been pushing.
  5. ... 60203.html

    Must be more fake news. Man assaulted in the street and beaten to death by 8 unarmed teenagers. He probably did something to deserve it huh? Probably had no business walking down that street. “Know your place and stay there” eh?

    Supposedly 8 unarmed teenagers. How threatening could they have been? @Ellburg might ask.

    Too bad the victim didn’t have a semi-auto handgun to defend himself. If they were really determined to kill him he might have needed 30 or more rounds to kill them all.

    Maybe they’d have all fled after he shot the first one. Maybe he could have stopped the assault with only 6-8 rounds in a revolver. But wouldn’t you prefer to have more than an 8 shot revolver if in his shoes? Most people can’t shoot and reload as fast as Jerry Miculek. Most people would want the freedom to choose the firearm they are most capable with in that scenario.

    But people like @Ellburg sit back in their sheltered seeming homes, living their sheltered feeling lives, and think they should be able to dictate what others defend themselves with. Never thinking about each individual’s personal physical limitations or disabilities. They only focus on single individual tragedies and make the naive determination that their uninformed opinions about firearms based in those isolated incidents can be extrapolated to all violent scenarios.

    I for one won’t stand for it. I’ve written my Congressmen. I will continue to. I will write to my state reps. I will call them all repeatedly. We can not afford to have this or any other civil right revoked. If you value your rights I encourage you to engage your senators and reps. Be heard or we will lose our rights. I will be heard.
  6. I need the weapon because I like to kill rabbits
  7. ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html ... index.html

    Seacrched up “shooting at GOP baseball practice” these four links were the 4th,5th,6th,7th links. FOX didn’t even show up on first page. Pls tell me more on how CNN didn’t cover it dumbass
  8. So let me get this straight.

    You argue that Republicans will change their mind once they are victims of mass shootings. Domo proceeds to give an example of a shooting at the GOP baseball practice. Your rebuttal is to link articles that CNN also reported on this shooting.

    ...This is a joke right?
  9. Never said he was a good at debating
  10. Did you, statless alt, read the last sentence of what idiot boy domo said? I was just showing that CNN did cover the story, unlike what Domo said. He’s clearly a FOX fanatic and they didn’t even show up on the first page, unless you specifically search up a FOX article.
  11. That last paragraph , did you stand in front of a rippling American flag , automatic weapon across your chest staring poignantly with your head held high and a hard set jaw when you wrote this
    By the way , that article says more about the spinelss 8 than gun ownership ... spin it as much as you want
    What about if i spin it and say , what could have happened if these 8 had access to semi automatic handguns/rifles
    If they are capable of killing unarmed , they would be more than capable of multiple deaths with the proper "tools"
  12. Sheltered lives you say
    I have the most free life , and so do million and millions of people , probably more so then what the average American thinks
    If you mean i have the freedom to move and be anywhere in the greatest country on the earth without ever feeling threatened by my government or the citizens living there then yes , i am severely sheltered
    Off of with my mates to pop a few rabbits off with my .22 bolt action Bruno knowing full well that i won't have some **** scared fool thinking we are going to shoot up a school and confronting us with a multiple firing weapon thinking they are Dirty Harry
  13. A majority of his post had nothing to do with CNN or FOX. His point was that there was a GOP shooting that happened recently and that it has hardly affected their views on gun control. Instead of showing how it has affected their views, your rebuttal was linking CNN articles on the shooting.

    Also, good job on bringing size of KaW accounts into the topic of gun control.
  14. Lol you are clearly a cnn fake news fanatic because your google brought up the DNC media first. Fox covered it non stop. CNN posted it on internet and went in about Russia Russia Russia.
    To go on your first snowflakey post about gop grandparent will get their grandchildren shot yada yada. Sounds like that you are hoping for that to evoke some type of change ?
  15. And if we are gonna start getting nasty with the name calling you might need to call your comfort dog in or we can keep it civil ? Because we know you want GOP kids getting killed in order to make yourself feel
  16. At elburg

    That’s how I always stand :D

    What you fail to acknowledge is people murder, weapons don’t. Weapons can be used to murder or to defend and protect.

    One man vs 8 has no chance if unarmed. Most people in that scenario would choose a semi auto handgun (oh horror of horrors). A man thusly armed also stands a better chance of survival even if the 8 are similarly armed so your point is ridiculous.

    You also fail to realize that females are at a physical disadvantage typically against a male criminal. A person with a physical disability is typically at a physical disadvantage also. And just to inform, since you obviously need to be, the vast majority of violent criminals are abled bodied males.

    But you would dictate that everyone, females the disabled, everyone would be rendered defenseless in the face of a violent criminal.

    It’s a free country in the good old USA and I support your freedom to choose a victim mentality. I do not support your desire to make everyone else equally as defenseless as you choose to make yourself.
  17. Im not really following this thread, because no one here is interested in discussion, just being correct. However, your in denial of reality if you think lax gun regulations dont help criminals. People buy em buy the truckload in Nevada for the California black market.

  18. Have fun with your BB gun you wuss lol 
  19. That's the point you dipstick, you dont need anything bigger than a .22 rifle to do that specific job
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