Aqua/ Inferno Side Legends

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am surprised to not see the usual side legends pop up on day 2, 7 & 11, is there more challenges after the Aqua/ Inferno?

    I have completed the easy, medium and hard challenges, was there more besides Aqua and Inferno?
  2. The choice of easy/medium/hard side legends was instead of the side legends that activate over time. How did you like this style versus the previous style?
  3. Thanks Winston.

    I’m bored now as there is nothing to do. The Aqua/ Inferno challenge is pointless unless you are a small account as the numbers of Aqua and Inferno don’t make it worth it.

    I did like the easy, medium
  4. I'm pretty sure I got DM tokens after completing both inferno and aqua legends.

  5. I like this new style. Since bigger more active accounts will finish them within 7 days, I'd suggest adding small blitz side-legends to fill the void. For example, 2 day side-legends regarding battle wins or event items etc.
  6. I need easy aqua in abundance! I have been trying to max my rime staff for like a year now 
  7. I could always go for more aqua/inferno but considering the mage fail rate to discourage charm farmers, idk anymore. Kinda sucks for those of us who don't charm farm.
  8. I liked it Winston. It helps with stocking up on aqua/inferno.
  9. How many DM tokens did u get?
  10. I honestly perferred the previous style side legends over these new ones! I liked they were spread out throughout the event, and they are achievable by hitting same ebs that your already working on main event, especially since you also are adding the aqua/inferno side legends.
  11. I enjoy the extra aqua/inferno. I just wish that legends in general were more conducive to clan loyalty.
  12. Ok, just completed the Aqua and Inferno and you do get 250 Deep Mine tokens along with 1 crystal and 350 silver bars
  13. New style side legends are much better IMO. I don’t have anot of time during the week to hit so my last side legend sits or I don’t make it. With the new style I can blitz the weekends and not worry about it 12hrs to end of event.