Aqua/Inferno Drops

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  1. Didn't see a forum with drops and max amount for ebs this event; so though I would try to make one.

    Right prima shard
    To the Chamber [max?]
    The Reckoning [max?]
    Evanescence [max?]
    The Haunting [max?]
    Haunting: the Escaped [max?]
    Storm the Palace [max?]
    The Summoner [max?]
    A Sacrifice of Flesh [max?]

    Left prima shard
    Abandoned Kingdom [max?]
    The Depraved [max?]
    Battle Royal [max?]
    Haunting: the Escaped [max?]
    A Familiar Foe [max?]
    Smoke signals [max?]
    Lignabelua of the Lowland [max?]
  2. ?
  3. Lotl - Left shard
    Asof - right shard
    Hte - both shards
  4. Effort/10

    Please just leave it too chocolate :lol:
  5. I wish chocolate would get on and make it
  6. Thank you