Appropriate Tiered Rewards for Legends

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  1. Does everyone else have tens of thousands of Abyssal, Hoarfrost, Highland,and Lowland tokens ? I do. I’m just spinning an idea here about the legends rewards. Thinking that while there are clans running rotation on lower tier ebs and clans doing premium ebs the rewards should be for just tier ebs should only get the top tier rewards. Meaning top tier ebs only give the Osmon and higher if offered. I’m amassing a crap ton of the lower tokens that I won’t be using...ever again.

    Another idea for these tokens would be trading them and or gifting them. Yes devs could say something about alt abuse but what isn’t in kaw ? Either way something needs to be dealt with about appropriate rewards. I’d like to hear what the community has to say.

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  4. You can sell ,rebuild until tokens are gone. Begging for rewards simply because you choose to pay for free stuff is exactly the cause for the decline in decent gameplay. Your request serves no other purpose than to increase a gap in player size
  5. Can always be used to change build down the line
  6. I think at this point in time, the Lowland and Highland tokens should be allowed to be gifted. Due to the fact that one week playing this game you should be very close to HLBC anyways, for new accounts that should be pretty easy and a weeks boost isn’t uncalled for and gives us something to do with our tokens.

    At most the LL tokens are worth a few mil each and aren’t overly worth our time collecting. HL a bit less so, as they can be worth 233m to the right builder/destroyer.

    HF and above however are still worth 1b per token if used correctly and as previously mentioned, build and destroy for money back. If you have 1000 tokens that’s 1T gold you’re not making use of.


    LL and HL support,
    HF and above no support.
  7. Yeah ok I agree about that. Should be able to something with them
  8. Fully displays your ignorance about super obvious facts. You believe you can lack basic knowledge and still bandwagon ambush Stacy
  9. What the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING about op? Does this thread have anything to do with what you’re talking about? I don’t think so. You are warned stay on topic or be asked to leave.
  10. Well I’ve hit the legends and never seen any osmon drops.
  11. No support!!

    Hahaha!!! Just kidding!! :lol:

    Typically they drop from the mini events in legends!
  12. They don’t “drop” from any legend, they are a reward for completing a specific type of legend. Usually the side legends. :)
  13. instead of just tearing down and rebuilding which would take a long time. Aint nobody got time 4 that. I suggest they have the option 2 sell all at once...
  14. It's a fun waiting room activity. Well, fun compared to reading gross magazines anyways.
  15. Aah you are small so why not use them?
    Others can tear down buildings and rebuild them usung tokens and pocketing gold for other uses. Yw in advance

    Lazy much?
  16. lol thats cute. Im sure Im not the only 1 who would agree but my live doesnt evolved around this game. Not being lazy just aint got the time 2 do it... Theres a difference...
  17. How would you propose the trading, Domo?
    As in how will the Lowland Tokens and Highland Tokens be traded apart from just solely using it to build and upgrade buildings in Lowlands and Highlands?
  18. They could finish the “gifting” option that’s been staggered for months and then you could trade them that way or even through the regular trade option. How else would you trade in game, Sean? 
  19. My life hardly REVOLVES around KaW either but the time it takes isn’t as long as you make it sound. What you are asking is tor a quick n easy needless request.

    FYI I keep lowland tokens so as to keep for build change if or when i do LL War. You could do the same if you were not all consumed at being an EB only specialist. Get out & war.