Appropriate compensation for server crash

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by E-RedChopsticks-Q, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. While KAW is currently restricted to cc, pm, and here, while all my spells are running out of time I'm thinking about what level of compensation would be appropriate to offer players.

    Who else is still logged in and wants to share their thoughts?
  2. We should all get 1 of each Crux, 1 free Battle Cry and that's it.
  3. Cc just went down too!
  4. I think we are the last 2 people here.
  5. Feels like the kawpocalypse
  6. No mods either 
  7. Yay! Another human
  8. “Sorry for the outage, have a free health crystal”.

    I’m betting that is the response. Basically translated “LOL F your cruxes, bc, seals, etc”.
  9. Yeah we got you. As soon as we have high confidence that there won’t be any more downtime we’ll hook you up.
  10. Guess that confidence was off hey? Really suck of using crux for 60 mins of actual use and wasting BCs...
  11. Seriously 2 xtals and a Crux chest? Hours of bc and cruxes wasted because devs can’t keep the stupid game up.....Black Friday my ass ripoff

  12. Right . Lol
  13. 2 xtals, chests, Crux chests, and you’re complaining? Shut up, it’s much better than most of the time, be grateful that we got the compensation we got.
  14. Be grateful? Devs should be grateful for us spending on their game, maybe grateful enough that some ppl wasted money while kaw was crashing? Least they could do is compensate the battle cries. Cause those weren't even on sale