Apple Watch compatible

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  1. If possible I think it would be so cool if KaW was Apple Watch compatible even if it had minimal features on there like maybe just an attack, assassinate, Scout, and steal button to just unload on the current eb. It would be useful for people who have multiple accounts and aren’t trying to carry multiple devices as well as at work where people can’t be pulling their phones out every second. It would also be useful for when I’m not carrying my phone on me such as at the gym, climbing, etc.
  2. I think this idea leaves way too many core features of the game out to even be considered. With more than half the functionality of the game missing, you'd be playing a very, very limited version of the game. I know that's the point, but there are too many disadvantages of playing on a watch and such a small market to be worth the trouble. Even if you were able to include every feature in the game without making it a very clunky user interface and not a complete mess, we are talking about some serious battery drain. That's my honest opinion.
  3. Also not really worth it
  4. Bold part - lol
  5. Yea but that’s the point, just using it to unload see messages etc the basics, of you want the full game you’d open up the phone. Id use it every day just to unload. Idk just an idea
  6. That would be cool, but they won’t even repair the PC version of the game. I guess it’s a cool thought though.
  7. This idea is point blank stupid
  8. Play less kaw and go enjoy real life more
  9. I don’t see it as a horrible idea. I’d use it if I had an Apple Watch. Won’t happen though :/
  10. Wearable tech is closely linked with health and fitness. I don't think I've ever seen a gaming app besides Pokemon Go delve into the smartwatch app store.

    Besides as a craze, wearable tech and smartwatches aren't getting crazy exposure.

    KaW's next step in its evolutionary tree surely isn't wearable tech.

    More actually honing their pvp, war and endgame systems or building on their ok communicative systems or something along those lines

    edit:Why is S M A R T W A T C H censored?
  11. Wait when apple holographic smart watch come out. Then kaw will be payable if still here