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  1. Recently, San Bernardino was the target of a Muslim extremist terror attack. The shooter had an iPhone 5c, which is now in FBI custody. The iPhone has a 4 digit pass key lock on it, and the FBI, via a court ruling, has ordered Apple to circumvent the password protection so that the Feds can track down and intercept others who may have been a part of this terrorist action. Time is crucial.

    Apple is currently refusing to do this BECAUSE they would need to write a NEW PROGRAM that would be able to bypass the security system, thus basically handing he government, and any hacker who can get their hands on it, keys to the apple kingdom. Basically, Apple sees the new program they would have to build as a massive threat to people's privacy.

    Bear in mind, however, that Apple has no issue selling your privacy to other app developers. When ever you download new apps and it asks if it can use your location,maple is tracking you, and they have, in the past, sold that data.

    So, who is right here? Is Apple being a hypocrite? Or is the American Government overstepping its bounds? What should companies be forced to give up to fight terror? And is being forced to give up your security an oblique act of terror on our your own governments part?

    This is a really interesting topic, and I'm not taking sides yet. How do you feel about this?

    And before you ask, no, the FBI cannot make their own Apple program to circumvent the security on the iPhone. Apple is to clever for that. 

    Anyhow, in the interest of full disclosure, here is the link to the story I read. You can review it if you wish. ... .html?_r=0

    So, talk to me!
  2. Apple ftw

    Support to the government also, I think since Apple already give people's privacy away they might as well just help the government. So yes, they basically are just being hypocrites.
  3. There is a trollish part of me that loves the fact NSA can't out do Apple.
  4. Give me time to edit goshhhh. I just like being first y'know? #QuickestDerailedThread.

    Btw who are the NSA? I'm dumb I know :(
  5. This means Apple essentially would be building a nuke to help the Feds with one case, and once that program is designed, it's never going to be Undesigned. Are you comfortable with that? (Just challenging your view point for fun)

    NSA is "national security agency" btw. Most of the Wizards of smart work there
  6. National Security Agency
  7. It's only a 4 digit pin for god sake.
    Start at 0000, keep going to 9999.

    Feds being lazy.
  8. This :lol:
  9. You get 10 tries, then the phone freezes and is done
  10. If I am correct you only have a certain amount of tries before the fail safe kicks in.
  11. If they fail to many times the phone will reset automatically or worse depending if you jailbroke the phone.
  12. NSA = National Snoopy Association

    They "take care" of all the haters of da Snoops.
  13. Many are forgetting this unwritten firmware would eventually be required in all iOS updates, to conform with CALEA. If Apple is forced to create this firmware, there is no stopping Apple from having to provide keys to some other government who has procured a device from another country's government officials (or spies). Think of the espionage problems this would cause.

    Quote from a Macworld commentary: ... -ours.html

    Apple doesn’t have special Jedi powers that allows it, in countries in which it has operations, to wave its hands in front of officials in those nations and says, “This isn’t the key you want.” Once Apple succumbs in any country, not just America, to build in backdoors or create special cracking firmware that uses its deep knowledge to bypass protections, everyone suffers, everywhere.

    If governments may unlock every secret we have, then George Orwell becomes literally true, as he wrote in 1984: “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”
  14. i find it hilarious that a basic 4 digit pin beat the government :lol:
  15. No protection is infallible. It's just a matter of time till some neckbeard-fedora person finds a mean to decrypt it.
    Apple will not. It's not an issue of protecting customers privacy/information as Apple distribute this already. It's an issue revolving around image. They fear the consequences of their device no longer being 'secure' sales wise.
  16. I have to side with the fbi on this. They haven't just picked up some random phone it is connected to someone who killed a lot of people there could be information which could lead to people promoting this behaviour.

    So if you are OK with someone you love being killed but the fbi can't see your screen shots of kaw then side with Apple.
  17. Apple is absolutely right here.

    Sure to help the FBI is one thing. But to create what would become the most sought after program for hackers world wide would be an immediate poo storm.

    Also absolutely, if it's created it will make it's way to the black market. There's no ifs, ands or buts about that. Especially since it's being designed for use on wireless devices.

    You'd have better luck taking a rack truck full of weapons with only you and the passenger to defend it through ISIS controlled territory and hoping for the best. At least there you'd have a chance of seeing who shot at you if they missed so that you might return fire.
  18. It's not that Apple doesn't want the U.S. Government to have this program. They don't want the Russians or the Chinese to get it. By giving this to the U.S. Government, every other Government will start screaming for it too. We all know how the Russian, Chinese, and Korean governments promote and employ Hackers, thus literally handing over the program to the entire hacking world. That is what Apple is ultimately trying to avoid. They have agreed that the possible information on that particular device could be highly important, but don't want to give the rest of the world access to such a program. Apple has vowed to fight this until the end. Being an android person myself, I respect Apple's decision on this as it could be a potential suicide program to their company. However on the other hand, they have the ability to unlock phones and devices in their stores, why not just go unlock the phone the same way?
  19. If apple can't create a safe environment to do this in I'm pleased I got an android phone. I can buy a computer and not have it connected to the Internet. But if that's to hard for Apple then yes it would the software would be stolen.
  20. Cant the FBI just use Apple as a special consultant and have them crack the codes without giving up the program?

    Or is that to logical for both parties?