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  1. lol yeah more of your Android bias ....I never said anything close to this on any of these threads. If would have reported that to Support I could've gotten him not just silenced but forum banned. So yeah....

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  2. No it isn't android bias :lol: It's got nothing to do with that. I don't name call because someone has a different phone than me. I was responding to your comment about others name calling as much as you, which they haven't been.

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree :D
  3. Ruggy ...KAWAndroid sucks and it's mostly bought by poor people. I'll stand by both those statements any day all day long. I've already supplied market data proving this. I don't know what else you people want from me lol

    Not just KAW but gaming in general is worse on Android plus the spell check on Android is even more a pain in the ass then the one on Apple. I could go on and on and on but what it all comes down to is Android sucks. Sowwy :(

  4. You haven't provided market data proving this. I'd love to see where you got the statistic about only poor people buying Android phones. Or did you just make that up? :lol:

    KaW android isn't the best. But I'm pretty sure Android didn't design their whole phone to suit KaW :lol: There's always going to be apps and features on all types of phones that aren't the best. They can't be perfect.

    Everyone prefers different things. Notice how I didn't have to name call, act superior or carry on that iPhone sucks in my response? :)

    Like I said, we'll have to agree to disagree :lol:
  5. Haha you can prove all day that android is technologically superior, but all he can come up with in response is gaming and spell check.

    Wait, iphone has spell check?! Thought that feature was going to be pushed in 2018.
  6. Seriously, for those of you that have played Kaw on both platforms, it shouldn't even be up
    for discussion.. Personally if I had started Kaw on android I would have quit and made a thread about it.. Kaw was designed for Apple, looks and works a million times better than android, and most importantly, android is awful.. The home screen sucks, viewing forums and your kingdom sucks.. And being that I have Alts on both Apple and android devices, my apple accounts get far more attention than the driods...

    Sorry but life's just better on Apple.. Every piece of Apple I've ever bought still works, androids last what, two years tops? No wonder they're so cheap..

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  7. This thread was posted in off topic and therefore does not interfere with kaw. Iphone has better kaw app? Ok fine. It doesnt make it a winner in this argument
  8. Pointless debate. Iphone users will be loyal and most often only go for iphones.
    Need to be careful of "ease of use interface" for iphones.

    Kaw was made and optimised for apple users.

    Can apple multi task? Open 2 applications same time on screen?

    Can apple users customerize their phones without apple constraints?

    Andriod phones choices are endless with different manufactuters.

    Hardware - would apple allow micro memory cards and backup batteries?
  9. Can we have ss of kaw interface on ios and on android? Proof seems more convincing than just personal opinion.
    For comparison please show us ss of player info on both. Home screen, eb, chat window, clans in ee war and comparisons of i and L, zero and O. I'm sure it would make the discussion more interesting if someone could show visual proof that one is better than the other.
  10. From Business Insider

  11. From Gizmodo

  12. So if you're going to quote sources and info like I did please make sure you supply actual market or survey data provided by a reputable source. Just don't post someone's opinion. The numbers in both the articles can be validated. Please do the same.

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  13. @Prime ....Exactly the same here. My Android accts are the step child's in my household. They get ignored and they definitely don't grow as fast as my Apple accts and have much worse equipment lists. Hell 2 of these BaconTodd accts are Android  Anything bigger then these 4 are all Apple. When I have Android accts that actually do grow past 30m CS I'll transfer the acct over to an Apple device. It's just too tedious and not as fun on Android.
  14. This just in from Todd the reporter in the field:

    Hey guys...people with more money...have more money!

    Hey guys, did you know that people with more money can afford to waste it on something that doesn't really do anything more but has a fancy elitist brand attached to it?

    Ummmm yeah Todd...we've all seen Whole Foods
  15. Yes I shop there ALL THE TIME. 
    As a matter of fact it's pretty much the only grocer I go to.

    If you really think inorganic/gmo processed foods are better for you then you keep shopping at Shoppers Food Warehouse. I'll see you 75 yrs from now (oh no I won't cause you'll be dead from cancer)

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  16. Ni66a get a PC and be done. #PCMasterRace
  17. With few exceptions due to connectivity and whatnot I honestly can't see how anyone who has used both platforms can honestly say Android performs better over Apple for its intended purposes. I truly really honestly believe (with a few exceptions) that when Android users are saying that it is because they are pandering to their own insecurities. I only need a smartphone for it's intended proposes. If I need more function I go to my PC. I just don't see why anyone would want to turn or modify their phone to be used as a PC if they have both a PC and a smartphone. Pretty straight forward common sense.

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  18. There was a comparison between z5, s6 and 6s that I read once and the comments below wholeheartedly supported the z5.

    If you like wasting money why don't you just go to your city center and make it rain?

    I guess todd was robbed/beaten by someone and the only evidence he could see of the criminal was his android phone.
  19. Yes I was robbed but the robber only took my iPhones & iPads. He left me with my crappy stepchild Android devices. Whilst he was runnin' away I could hear him laugh and yell out loud.


    then he threw an apple at me (fruit not phone)
    & ran away :(

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