Apple vs Android

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  2. lolol I actually take that as a complement. I do KAW a lot but I KAW and RL at the same time ...unlike you who can't walk and chew gum simultaneously 

    iPhone!!!!!! 
  3. Kotfe wouldn't take this clown lol

    iPhone 
  4. The Shaq is real in this thread.
  5. Guess you haven't read TOU lately? ....and yes Kasama even under the old TOU they're legal. (1 per device ...the ones I'm hitting you with)

    ...So what you people think every acct I'm on is Apple? lol I do have a few Android accts so I'm not just talking out of my ass. I'm talking from practical experience. Kasama you'ld freak out if you knew how many accts/devices I have. I've tried several different Android devices and KAWing with multiple devices on Android is horrible. Truly it is. With Apple I can easily hit with 6 devices simultaneously. That's impossible on mult. Android accts. And I'm sorry but EVERY Android device/phone I've used/owned had horrible KAW lag and those of you who've used both devices KNOW what I'm talking about. That's why you Android clowns don't want to war

    ....hell for all I know more then 1 of you has signed up I just won't know for a couple more days (lag) 

    lol ...I have tried out a Windows phone before and I must say it wasn't bad. The only real big drawback being you can't KAW on Windows phones, but I guess if I was destitute and had no choice (Kasama) i'ld use one. was a million times better then any Android device/phone I've ever used.
  6. I've used both apple and android devices as well. Android KaW isn't great; I think it could do with some improvements. I'd much rather KaW on an apple device. In saying that I actually had more lag on apple than I ever did on Android. Android is faster for me. Apple was always a lot more temperamental - it crashed and froze way more often. My Samsung did that occasionally but not to the extent my apple device did.

    We all have different experiences and preferences. I don't really see a reason to start attacking others and name calling based on whether you go for Apple or Android :)
  7. Yo just trying to use mult Android devices to hit at same time is nearly impossible. It's easy with Apple.
  8. @Ruggy ...I'm not the one who's all butthurt lol
  9. Yes Android KaW isn't the best. But that's one app on a phone that has MANY other apps and many other features.
  10. I didn't say you were butthurt. But in most of your responses on this thread you've been name calling and attacking anyone who prefers an android phone. Why? Because you perceive yourself as more superior for having an Apple phone? What does it matter? Everyone has their own preferences but that doesn't mean you ought to attack everyone for theirs. Apple has good phones. As does Android.
  11. Oh no I wasn't saying you were saying I was butthurt I'm saying everyone else is butthurt ...go through the thread they've been name calling as much as I have lol at least I'm not telling them to go die and whatnot 

    iPhone 
  12. Anyways, I've been calling Kasama an idiot long before I knew he was Android. Trust me there's other indications 

    iPhone 
  13. Do you ever shut up?
  14. Powerusers play with rooted androids for the best devive experience.
  15. Do you ever brush your teeth?

    iPhone 
  16. No, actually they haven't. Perhaps reread your responses? In almost all someone's been called stupid, a fool, a clown or cheap or something of that nature because they don't own a an iPhone or prefer Android. Unnecessary IMO. I really don't see the need to carry on in such a manner. I'd much prefer an interesting adult debate that doesn't resort to name calling when people don't agree with me. But we all communicate differently :)

    Each to their own, right? :D
  17. ^. iPad all the way
  18. I love my HTC ONE M9. Never cared about the stupid apple vs android war but i have never had any issues with all the androids i've kaw'd on and i dont plan on switching phones anytime soon or ever.
  19. World War III
    It was a rainy day when the Empire of Apple declares war on her enemy Empire of Android. The war engaged between two powers until Kingdom of Microsoft interupted in the wat when the two major power terribly weak . The Kingdom destroyed the two empire and became the first world superpower . THE END.
  20. I've heard from others that HTC is good. Was never quite sure about trying it myself though. What are the features/capabilities like?