Apple vs Android

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  1. @TNT ...Alcatel much? 
  2. And I have determined that Kasama is a pathetic loser with... job woman life money & owns a
    ...crappy Android phone

    iPhone 
  3. Shhhh, it's okay company phone. Go relax in your crossover and think about how self fulfilling it is to brag on a game about the cool stuff you do.

    Can somebody bring this guy a cookie? He deserves one. Maybe a gold star next to his name too.
  4. Says the guy who's in my newsfeed every waking moment, in forums every minute with posts on nearly every single page on this thread.

    And I'm the pathetic loser?

    Bruh, get out.
    You're the mindless, brainless idiot that actually cares about what device people are running when you absolutely have no knowledge about either mobile os.

    It really is a shame that you're the voice of ios on this thread.

    What's more is that you think people want to join your crappy, poorly organised war that no one cares about except foe maybe... D4rk.


    "Sent from my android device"
  5. lol I'm not the one trying to convince myself I have a good phone that's you Android clowns
     ...haven't seen even "1" butthurt Apple owner  on any of these threads lol

    iPhone 
  6. No you're just making apple fanboys look stupid, you don't back up how apples better with fact but only insults to a Android user.

  7. No butthurt Apple owner? Aww, come on now, you're wiping enough butthurt on this thread to represent the group.

    You use all those emojis to put off like you're funny, but we can all see you're just a little man with a low self esteem.

    Its cool man. No judgement here. You got cool stuff, and you like to tell people about it, because they'll never get a chance to see it in real life.
  8. todd4technologicallyhandicapped
  9. lolol I already supplied market data proving my point ...haven't seen ANY outside data supporting you Android clowns point of view ...ZERO lol
  10. Because they are always made by some iPhone fanboy. Silly americans who try to rule the world yet fail to realize that Europe is not a country. Lol.
  11. Well it is a war game you idiot 
  12. At first I thought Kasama was from KOTFE but nah he's from the other people named KOTF, whoever they are.
  13. You've supplied litterally zero data or facts on this thread. Nice attempt at a lie though?

    Evermore on the other hand showed that the iPhone 6 had the same specs as an android from 2012. Congratulations, you're only 4 years behind!
  14. Market data? Majority of smartphone users are technically handicapped (it's obvious that you are part of that said majority) and therefore easy to be fooled by marketing campaigns. And what are the points of those campaigns? Apple innovate. Innovate what? Metalic unibody design? Umm...HTC M7/M8 anyone? 3D Touch... Huawei Mate S anyone? There's years since Apple didn't bring anything new to the industry. Like Samsung with their Edge line i.e. Not only that they curved the display but they managed to provide functionality to the edges. Build quality? There's a plethora of Android phones with same build quality. If not better. Aluminium, magnesium, glass, lether. Plenty of premium materials. IPhones don't lag? Android flagship devices don't lag neither. The difference is that Android is years ahead iOS. No widgets, no real multitasking. Finally they offer increased display sizes. But that's all. Just a stretched display. iOS have absolutely no features to make a user to take full advantage of an increased display.
  15. I think you need a snickers you savage.
  16. But indeed Apple Music it's awesome. For my need it's definitely much better than Spotify or Google Play Music because i can find way much more romanian music. But guess what!? Apple Music have an Android version (no widgets tho which is a bummer :( )

  17. Just a sample of how Apple makes great devices. LG G4 and iPhone 6S Plus side by side. Two devices with same display size: 5'5". Indeed iPhone is literally GREAT!
  18. Not to mention the complete superiority of the LG's hardware and the fact that iPhone costs twice as much
  19. I wrote a bunch of other stuff and this is all you can reply to?

    Also I was insinuating that you play KaW more than anyone else, with your activity in this game, hitting anyone that proves you wrong with your what 12 alts?

    Are they even legal?