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  1. Yeah I want to buy an iphone 6s that does the same as the last one! Makes a ton of sense (not).

    Team android for the win.. Apple sucks

    Apple is expensive because it's apple
  2. He's just trolling, don't feed him.

    There's no logical stance from where you can defend Apple over android. Hence why the attempt to troll.
  3. P.T Barnum of the Ringling brothers said that, there's a sucker born every minute. It's a wonderful statement when you think about it, because there's a market for everything! People are gullible.
    So you see; no matter how much apple overprices a device, there will always be someone willing to buy it. Logic or reasoning aside, just for the fact that it's apple.

    Oh, just so people know! The 6s is worth 250$ on an average, just the bare hardware and how much it takes to make one. (Labour Costs)

    The 400-500$ you get charged extra? That's just the tag. Apple makes an average of 400$ profit off a device.
    I'm not pulling these numbers out of the air! Google it and see for yourself.

    While a company like One Plus offers superior hardware and limits profits to 30-50$ on a device, as a matter of customer ethics.

    Source? Read this, the more you know ;)

    I wouldn't be okay buying a device for 800$, while it only took 250$ to produce.
    Would you be alright with it?
  4. Yes I'm absolutely 100% cool with that if I had to pay full retail, but honestly I didn't pay anywhere close to that for mine. I get mine through the company I work for little more then half that.

    Queen as others in other similar threads admitted they paid $730 for their Android phones so from what your posting and saying they're the real fools here. Right? Why would you pay $800 for a phone that has the same OS and comparable specs that you could buy for $150??
  5. Well, I don't know the details of the device she is talking about, so I can't really comment on it.

    Neither do you know how much her device costs to make, to say it's 150$ or that it has a similar OS.

    I got my 2016 Flagship android for 390$.

    Flagship? Yes,the best specs you'll see on a device for the next few months.
    4GB Ram, Snapdragon 810, Type C USB and so on.
    I'm not stupid enough to pay an absurdly high amount for a 6s, when I know how much it costs to make. :lol:
  6. You are righteously ignorant. Please do us a favor and die.
  7. To buy an iPhone 6S 128GB outright here you're looking at around $1350. For the 64GB about $1220. The Plus 128GB is $1500. If you choose to go on a plan, you're paying at least $80 a month - the more internal storage and the more you want from your plan the higher it goes.

    If I look at android phones I can pick up the Galaxy S6 Edge for $1000. The Edge Plus at $1300. Sony Xperia around $1100. Galaxy Note 5 $1000. Nexus 6P $950. Regular Galaxy S6 for le than $1000. HTE One M9 $800.

    They're similar but Android is still cheaper. Opting for Android doesn't mean you can't afford Apple. We all have our preferences.

    And not everyone is lucky enough to get a cheap/free phone through the company they work at. :)
  8. Hahaha todds talking about android users being poor when his phone is a company phone? That's like buying name brand clothes from a second hand store and making fun of people that don't wear them.

    You wear nikes with the swish going the opposite direction?
  9. By the way, when iPhone users use that arguement "it's just a phone, you don't need all that stuff" is complete crap. You guys get handed the sad truth that high end androids specs are superior to your overpriced garbage, and that's your defence? Lol.

    That's like somebody getting ripped off by a car dealer and paying 100 grand for a prius making fun of somebody that paid 60 grand for a corvette because they don't need all that power to get from point A to point B.
  10. lol sooo much butthurt ..Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave 

    Still only 1 sign up for TEAM ANDROID ;(

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  11. Fool you can't buy a new Vette for 60k... and comparing an iPhone to a Prius? Android phones are the KIAs of the phone world lol

    ...I own an AMG GLA 45, a fully restored 69' Ford Bronco, & a fully restored 71' Intl' Scout II. So your point towards me is meaningless,

    (I bet you drive a Chevy )
  12. this clown takes the bus to work 
  13. 1. Yes, you can get a 2016 corvette for 60 grand.

    2. Congratulations, you drive a girls crossover and two old red neck rigs.
  14. mid trim ...sorry i'ld have to go for the Z06 Convert' 84k (if I decided to go slumming and buy a "Chevy"  Red Neck wanna be supercar)

    lol I'm sure individually they're worth more then what you own and with more power and style...

    (Bronco = 351W Aluminum Heads 1/2 inch lift cam 11:5/1 comp.)

    (Scout = 345SB M-22 Rock Crusher Posi 3:45 Dana front/rear)
  15. So what if they do? :lol:
  16. Android all day every day.. there has been a lot of benefits already mentioned, and not sure if somebody mentioned it, but apple products will not show your backed up contacts in Gmail. I had no idea until I broke my phone and attempted to retrieve some business numbers, only to find that they were not able to be seen through Gmail on an apple device. I had to go on the computer to stop my heart attack, and seen them listed there. When I picked up my phone I complained to my provider thinking their device or service didn't back them up. He explained that apple does that intentionally to push users to their email.. once I powered up my wonderful Galaxy S5 I could breath again knowing my Gmail on this device had my contacts.
    Point scored for Android!
  17. Stay on topic please 

  18. Hahaha easy there little guy. Short man syndrome much? I've never seen somebody so quick to brag about their aluminum heads. In my experience, people quick to tell everyone about the cool stuff they own usually live in a trailer with a Ford pinto parked out front. Just sayin.

    Btw, no, none of them have more power than what I drive. Unless that little crossover is pushing 505 horses (or so my truck is advertised at, but you never know)

    Trying to compare RL stuff over a phone app? Lol. Todds a cool guy. Just ask him, he'll tell you.
  19. 1.Apple doesn't have better music options
    You can torrent music on Android devices or use the multitude of music download apps.
    2.Android has root (some phones its completely allowed) and rooting gives full control of your phone you can do waaaay more things then an apple device.
  20. I have determined that todd is either a teenage girl because of how much emoji they use EVERY SINGLE POST or either a 30 year old man who doesnt understand what annoying is.

    Either way.