Apple vs Android

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  1. where do i sign up? :D
  2. post on owner accts wall of the team you want to be on... I'll give at least 24 hrs notice before start of war

    Winning team gets 10 SOD.. plunderer will get 3 of his/her own SOD 
  3. If Kasama won't captain team Android (coward) ...I'll need a volunteer 
  4. I've moved from Note 3 to note 4 then switched to iPhone 5s and now to 6plus

    I ain't never going back to android

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  5. I've had bad experinces with an android device and moved to Apple, Apple ftw!
  6. What kind of bad experiences?
    Were you touched inappropriately? I'd say that qualifies as a bad experience.

    I hate it when my device tries to get cozy with me.
  7. Laggy
    Called people without me doing anything.

  8. Did your device happen to have this logo? The one that carried out the mysterious calls.
  9. I personally don't find iPhone to really be any more user friendly than android. Its mostly a matter of preference. Do you want a phone that can do just about everything...or a phone that can do just about just about everything and is also a hipster magnet, overpriced, trendy, hyped up pos that looks really good next to your no-fat half caff tall skinny lady parts in a cup?
  10. After owning several Apple and Android devices, I have to say my personal preference would be Android. I love Apple devices though. There are some kickass games available for ios not available for droids.
    I prefer Android os mainly because Im a pc guy, and Android os feels more like a computer. There is much more freedom when compared to ios.
  11. I went from pc to apple to droid. Wish all phones supported kaw
  12. Someone ought to stab your ignorant ass, shove a prithing needle in the base of your neck paralyzing you, dislocate your limbs and shove you in a small box where you can suffocate and die slowly.
  13. Owns an Alcatel

  14. I agree with this here
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  15. So if Android is for poor people why do I have a 730$ android phone? Just curious.

    Another sidenote, did your mother really let you talk to her like this as a child? Thinking your high and mighty, and that your superior because your a giant ass?
  16. @Queen ...yer phone is TRASH (lol)

    A few people have signed up for TEAM APPLE so far ZERO for TEAM ANDROID ...figures. TEAM APPLE may win by default 

    iPhone 
  17. Half of iPhone's price is just for the stupid logo on its back... overpriced trash relying only on design.
  18. 1 on TEAM ANDROID

    5 on TEAM APPLE
  19. Support
  20. ...I never talked to my mother like that. You know why? Because she owns an iPhone

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