Apple vs Android

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  1. Lulwut.

    I have 3 android flagships. The One Plus Two, the Nexus 6 and the Moto Force. I even tested out the Atom processor for a month.

    None of these have any degree of lag. I'm fairly certain you cannot quantify lag in layman terms like you're trying to do. Just because you feel the 6S is *optimized* for the obsolete iOs, doesn't make it so.

    The numbers speak. ;)
    Why benchmark? Because chip benchmark tests show us what a processor is capable of, the threads it can handle and so on. You get the idea.
    There are over 20 standard tests that can show you the numbers.
    Look it up on Tom's Hardware or GSMarena.
  2. You said it was free not me.
  3. Lol.

    Here's a free cellphone... Just $108 every single month for two years.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Buy outright/unlocked and if you really want a contract do a byo (bring your own) phone or just go prepaid and you'll have to watch your data usage (maybe)
  5. If I had enough money to get a new phone every year I'd be all about that apple life, but I don't and android is great for m
  6. Android is for poor people PERIOD ...all this talk about having more function is stupid to begin with. If I need more function I use my PC (yes I said PC ...not MAC)

    I'm the 1st to admit PC is better then MAC (and have always stated this)

    ...I like most people only need my phone for very limited purposes and nothing that requires that much processor speed or RAM. If you're using your phone for other functions it was INTENDED for then it most likely means you can't afford both a nice phone and a PC


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  7. finally an honest Android user who doesn't pander to his own lack of self esteem.

  8. I don't upgrade every year, still using a 5s. I do not like the humongous size of the 6, 6 plus.
  9. as todd said: I personally prefer my phone to be a phone, not a pc ? (I was an android user for years until I decided to give the 6s a shot. much better than android imo)

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  10. Same.
    I converted from years of droid use earlier this year. I will likely not ever purchase another android after using my iPhone.
  11. ANDROID -v- APPLE (coming soon is killing me atm lol)

    iPhone forever ️️️
  12. DUDE!!! KAW on Android is pure torture ...ZERO doubt in my mind ATA devs use iPhone 

  13. Todd? When's that war coming? I wanna participate in it already! :lol:Can't wait until you/the community make the clans and have a war over it
  14. I'm not a fan of KaW android, not at all :lol: Apple is a lot better and a few features that android has would make it even better.

    In terms of the phone itself...I'd have to say android. I think both Samsung and iPhones are great phones with many great features. But I think android is a few steps in front. iPhone doesn't really bring anything that new to the table. To me, all their phones are virtually the same. Each new one is just an improvement on the last with a few new features. In saying that, it is still a good phone. But mainly the reason why I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge instead.:D There's more variety in Samsung IMO.
  15. Prob Wednesday I'll have time in the evening ...I'll pay for clans and SOD (10 to winning team) if not Wednesday ASAP

    but it's coming I promise 

    After ANDROID -v- APPLE...



    & the best one will be...

    100 Marines w/one 30 round Mag -v- 10k motorcycles with unlimited gasoline

    ????? iPhone!!!!!!!! (&Silverbacks)
  16. the marines and motorcycle reference made me lol  ^
  17. he just created Team Apple D:
  18. Does anyone remember that one from a cple years back? ...that thread was trolled for many many pages lol
  19. Both teams have been made 