Apple vs Android

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  1. Or you can just buy a Motorola X Force. That phone is unbreakable.

  2. Yes the samsung s models(samsung's iclone like phones)

    Do have more case options but not as many as the iphone.

    Again remember i am an Android player lol

    That can admit simple truths.

    For example Apple without competition from Android; wpuld not have advanced their phones to what they are today.

    Android on the other hand would excell without Apple as it competes with itself. (ie Samsung vs LG vs HTC vs etc...)

    Apple without Android would have little reason to improve their model save for tweaks.
  3. Motorolla generally has been known to usually make good devices overal. Tho the razor android was horrible for overheating n cracking lol
  4. Agree with you on this one. Tho competition is not always make OEMs to improve things. Past 2-3 Android OEMs was following the Apple's "premium materials" path. Ok, i understand that a part of the market asked for that. Probably they had enough of being mocked by their friends for having "cheap plastic" phones. Most of OEMs was going on metal or glass cases. But was this really a progress? Metal/glass body vs. removable battery. Not really a progress i'd say. And for what? Most of those who cry for "premium materials" stick their phones in a case right after purchase. And why exactly glass or metals are premium materials? Just because of costs? Because usability is way watch worse. The plastic back cover on my former Galaxy S5 gave me the best grip i ever had on a phone. Will never had such grip on a phone with metal or glass body.
  5. I agree the hype of glass & metal is silly. Truth i initially chose the lg g2 due to its established battery life; even tho i wasn't fussy on not having removable batt or sdcard expansion.

    My buddy got the s6 and while he's okay with the non removable batt. He would have prefered the expandable sdcard option.

    Now as a primary reason he wanted the s6 was for GearVR and is quite happy as he's said "imo its probably the best smartphone he has had n possibly the best out"

    Granted up til now he's only had lower end androids & the i4 n i5
  6. Just upgraded to the g4 n updated to marshmallow. My smarphone ownership history

    Ut starcom 6700 (Win mobile 5.0)
    Samsung Omnia 910? (Win mobile 6.0)
    HTC Desire HD (Android 3.0)
    LG G2 (Android 4.4)
    LG G4 (Android 5.1 upgrad 6.0)

    Acer Iconia a100 tab (Android 4.0)

    The G4 while doesn't support wireless charging out of the box. You can either buy a special case or 4 under $20 a simple mod
  7. About lack of sdcard is understandable. On Galaxy S6 Samsung chosed to use UFS 2.0 internal storage that is much faster than eMMC. But unfortunately UFS 2.0 memory controller doesn't support microSD and that left Samsung with following options: redesign memory controller, use two memory controllers or just get rid of SD card. Considering that SD card would anyway had a bottleneck effect the choice was easy.

  8. If this render will turn to be true i know which one will be my next device :)
  9. I'm loving the discussion going on, keep it up  these phones do look really cool. do you have links to them?
  10. so apparently theres a smart phone in India being sold for literally $4.. ... 4-1647584/

    " The Freedom 251 features a 4-inch qHD display, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. It has both front (.3mp) and rear (3.2mp) cameras, a 1450mAh battery, and it runs Android 5.1."

  11. New Lg g5? I know the s7 they listened to consumer complaints about the s6.

    Yeah understandable with them wanting faster storage n such.

    I did forget my buddy's number 1 complaint with s6 "without a case its slippery like s bar of soap"

    That's where Samsung & LG have been very quick to address issues n improve next gen models accordingly.

    On the s7 side if you get into their GearVR peripheral. I believe they added 2 leds?/ir for i think positonal tracking with external cam.

    But we'll know more on the 21

    Tho with this being the first gen 4k screens might be better to wait for next years flagships