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  1. So, lately I've been seeing threads get derailed from the endless Apple vs Android debate. So I figured, why not have a debate thread for it?


    So to start this off, I'll be listing strongpoints for both sides..

    iPhones have a simple, easy to use interface, that absolutely anyone can get the hang of. with features such as 3D touch on their 6s/6s plus phones, they've been innovative and constantly upgrading their devices. In my opinion, they do much better musically as well. (You just can't go wrong with Apple Music - who wouldn't want every song you could possibly think of for free on your phone?) However, one of the strongest things they possess is style. I don't think anyone can deny that iPhones just look better than Android phones. Apple seems to be doing what Beats is doing: making owning an iPhone basically be a fashion statement.


    While iPhones may look better, I think Android phones excel technology wise. Let's be honest, a lot of things Apple users would have to jailbreak to do, Android users can do by default. Android phones also have diversity- Android phones came in many shapes in sizes and are made by different manufacturers. This also allows them to have a larger price range, making them more affordable. And, some phones come with really great cameras. (Have you seen Galaxy cameras? ) One final thing that no one points out is the back and menu button android devices have built in. iPhone users have no idea how convenient they are :lol: Overall, Android devices are more useful tech wise.

    Tl;Dr: iPhones are easy to use and look better, while Androids cost less and have more uses tech wise.

    edit 1: Android is winning the debate. Step it up iPhone users! ?
  2. Not sure why people think Android devices are hard to use.

    I have a 3 year old kid cousin who plays angry birds on one. Unless you've never used an electronic device, you can get a hang of any Android device in a few hours. There is not much of a learning curve to it.

    Design wise, YouTube the One Plus X Ceramic or Honor 7.
    You've got some beautiful devices that look way better than an iPhone could.
    Although you may be right, the only thing Apple has going on for it is it's "Fashion" or snob value.

    The amount of customization possible on an android OS is immense! From kernels to writing your own apps or trying out different operating systems!

  3. Not to mention, Google won't ban you if you customize, root (jailbreak) or build your own custom Rom.
  4. Internal functions aside, I think some of the android phones look way cooler than iPhones. The HTC one (any of them) for example.
  5. Please explain which other shape there was other than the increase in length leaving it as a rectangular shape plus apple watch is another shape unless its only phones rn
  6. Well on one hand, if you like a non complicated user interface, have crap tons of money, and don't mind the limitations, then go ahead and get an Apple device.

    Androids have the luxury of being cheap and having way more options than Apple devices do. For example, emulation. Apple just patches the emulation, while RetroArch has been going strong on Android.

    My vote goes to Android, although Apple isn't very far behind. If they allowed users to download stuff from Safari then I would pick Apple no question.
  7. Ah, HTC makes some beautiful phones. The M9/M8? A unibody design of anodised metal with a near bezeless form factor!

    The Honor 7 has a similar look, although I prefer the Sense 6 UI.

    Blackberry is coming out with a new fully based android phone sometime in Q2 of 2016!
    Nokia is also rumored to be working on a 48 mega pixel pure view android phone for a 2016 release, nicknamed the C1.
  8. :lol: ive seen square androids
  9. Name of the device?
  10. You can get any song you can think of for free on an android as well. 0$. Just google the song and download it.
  11. Sony Xperia Z3: 128gig internal storage, 20.7 megapixel camera,(Samsung can blow itself), 2.5ghz quad core processor (Z5 has an octo-core), 3gb internal ram, 3 day battery life. Will last 22 days on standby. And to top it off overclocked 3.1ghz all for $200. Yep apple can blow me.

  12. Sent from my iPhone 

  13. My Sony Xperia M4 is amazing.
  14. Well since this is kaw then iPhone wins hands down when i war. As for other uses that's what a pc or tablet or tv n stereo r good for. No idevice can replace other superior electronics.
    Its a phone 1st n everything else 2nd. My calendar alerts n messages r basic needs.
    Everything else is pretty much redundant.

    Nothing beats a free iPhone like we have had for the last 7yrs. Never bought a cel phone yet n no plans to ever do so.
  15. Where does this concept that iPhones are so expensive come from? From what I have seen, they are pretty similar in price as the galaxy and higher end htc phones.
  16. So you pay no contract?
  17. Contract is 2yrs.
    3 iphones 5S for $108/mth share plan total.
  18. Pure Android is where it's at
  19. Pure value is where its at.
    Needs matter n wants don't matter.
    Whether iPhone or Android thats the decider.
  20. So its not free.