App issues? Not sure what to call this

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  1. Lately I have been experiencing very slow action times (EB or player action). I have found re-installing the app is the only solution. So after installing the app, I’ll hit a couple of ebs with fast action times (about 2 per second). After about a day or 2, action times grow to 1 action every 4 seconds. If I re-install the app, it goes back to 2 actions per second.
    Is anyone else experiencing this and possibly have some tips? Also, if there is a better thread I could post this on, please let me know (or possibly link it? Not sure if that is possible)
  2. If you are on Android, have you tried clearing the app cache instead of reinstalling? Not sure what the equivalent for iOS is, but clearing cache can work wonders.
  3. Yep, I have te same experiance -DS- is describing.
  4. I am on ios and I have noticed with the updates to the game, I am not able to switch from wifi to cellular and keep hitting. Let me start by saying that my internet connection is sometimes slow and I will switch from wifi to cellular while in the game. If I am in the middle if hitting and switch, I have to close the app and re-open it. In previous versions, I didn’t have to do this and I would keep hitting. Not sure if this is along the same lines as what you experience.
  5. Hi, just recently opened up one of current field scout regular boxes and got 3 items. one of which was the current chandelier. looked around, restarted the game and it never showed up. any help is appreciated thanks.
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